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Luminaria: Photography, DSLRs, and...the phones,

A Brief History of Photograpy:

In the Beginning...

Cameras that Fox Talbot used.

1839 Daguerreotype camera.

In 1839, two viable processes for photography are announced. The Daguerreotype and the Talbotype, the former was better marketed and would dominate for decades. A version of the latter would evolve into that position afterwards. The cameras were not small (see above). One was required to know something about chemistry (all chemicals had to be mixed from scratch). There were no enlargements (paper prints were via contact) but the results had tremendous detail as a result. These parameters dominated the aesthetics, and in part, do so to this day.

 It was also expensive. As a result, early photographers tended to be landed gentry/elites. The success of the commercial photographic portrait spread the technology to lower classes, but it still remained out of reach for the common man.

These portraits were made in studios, and the cameras were designed with that environment (and working methodology) in mind. They are used outside the studio, but remain large, complex, expensive and are usually accompanied by portable darkrooms when afield.

By the turn of the century, a wide variety of camera designs proliferated, but they remained large, and the process still technical and out of reach for most amateurs. The landscape photographers used very large format cameras, but the rise of photo-journalism would begin scaling the size of cameras down.

In 1888, Kodak brings out the first camera available to amateurs. In an al rondo format, and with a 100 shot roll, you snap, and Kodak does the rest (via snail mail). Instantly, photography becomes a social rage in the US. "Snappers" are everywhere and photographing everything. They are eventually considered pests, and jokes and cartoons appear about them.

The small cameras are looked down upon and considered toys by the old guard.

Fast forward to 1913...films are faster, and view cameras are shrinking into what will become the Speed Graphic, with a 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 format. This camera is designed for journalists, is handholdable and very flexible in use. It was made until 1973 (!!!!).

The smaller cameras are looked down upon by the old guard.

By 1928, the first successful medium format (2 1/4 x 2 1/4) twins lens reflext enters the market and is soon adopted by prosumers, professionals and amateurs.

The smaller cameras are looked down upon by the old guard.

An inventor named Oskar Barnack had dreams of becoming a landscape painter, but in his 20s, suffering from asthma, he conceived the Ur- Leica, a very small, jacket-pocketable camera to take with him while convalescing in the mountains. The 35mm format 1x1.5 in. takes off.

The smaller cameras are looked down upon by the old guard.

35mm SLRs followed.

Digtal cameras came in...

They were looked down upon by the old guard.

DSLRs followed...

Cell phone cameras came in...and guess what? The Old Guard looks down upon them. The path of technology all along has been towards smaller, lighter, portable, less in-the-way cameras. Those adhering to older technology (which has its uses, btw)   will bemoan the new. This ALWAYS happens.

We are seeing a replay of the mania that happened with the first Kodaks in the late 1800s. The miniaturization of cameras will continue. Quality will improve beyond expectations. The technology involving computers is (unlike chemistry) a common one today. The medium continues to democratize itself.

--- Luis

In 1928

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The State of the Arts 2013, Tampa.

Thankfully, Tampa was 2nd in American Styles magazine's art destination web poll, so no one bothered to trumpet that BS over the grim economic wasteland of the arts in 2013. 

This was a year of surprises in Tampa. The PODs show at Gasparilla was beset by several problems and flopped, but I am told these are being corrected. I am looking forward to the 2014 version. This satellite show may not seem relevant at this time but I think it could lead to much bigger things.

Danny Olda launched an arts magazine titled Art at Bay. This is a welcome and daring venture, and I wish him luck.

Tracy Midulla Reller took the leap and relocated Tempus up on Florida Ave. Reller remains one of Tampa's best gallerists. Her shows are innovative, beautifully curated and a who's who of academic artists in this city.

The two HCC galleries, Ybor and Dale Mabry, surged as others retreated or hunkered down, rightfully assuming positions of prominence earned via first-rate hard-hitting shows. Directors Carolyn Kossar and Katherine Gibson get Art Taco laurels for getting going when the going got rough, and doing so elegantly. Bravo! I should add that each of these galleries has its own distinct personality. The

Hoffman-Porges gallery, the finest (architecturally speaking) arts space in the area limped along half-heartedly in 2013. A real shame, because with the right curator, this gallery could be a contender. Please do it in 2014.
David Audet, one of Tampa's cultural treasures, put together solid, down to earth shows with minimal resources this year. David remains a little underground and underrated. His cultural contributions to this city have been live-wire and influential. He (along with many others) was responsible for the revitalization of Ybor before the City "fathers" ruined it by cowing to the real powers that be, issuing two dozen liquor licenses. David Audet holds one of the keys to Tampa's future, and he comes with a turnkey crew of some of the best and brightest in Tampa.

Beth Kokol is someone I had overlooked much too long. An influential art teacher and gallerist in South Tampa, Kokol impresses with talent, teaching, curating and marketing abilities. I will be covering more of her gallery's activities in 2014. 

Mishou Sanchez converted two trailer/containers into an art gallery out by the Winthrop Center. A self-funded effort, this served notice to anyone who is listening out there that Ms. Sanchez is one of our top visionaries when it comes to urban spaces. If the City resourced its human capital with the slightest bit of wisdom, they would snap up Mishou before someone else does. 

The Santaella/West Tampa Center for the Arts seems to be in a state of suspended animation. It has dissipated through the year for a multitude of reasons. Sad to see this grand arts space become a shadow of its former self. It has considerable potential. 

Bleu Acier, the gallery of Master Printer Erika Greenberg-Schneider and internationally renowned Dominique Labauvie, has been an unflinching bastion of the arts in Tampa and the Bay area, producing high quality shows, mentoring people, and teaching as well. Recently, Bleu Acier raised the bar with its "First There is a Mountain" show by Greg Perkins, bringing a series of great lecturers to accompany the exhibition. 

The Ybor Artists Association, under fresh leadership from Princess Simpson Rashid, opened the Wandering Eye Gallery next to King Corona Cigar Bar, showing members and rotating a featured artist of the month. The artists studios never looked better, and the co-op gallery is finding its identity and providing much higher visibility at street level. 

I want to see Tampa government more involved with the arts, apparently conscious of their value culturally and economically, and cognizant of the people we have here who can put Tampa on the map in a way nothing else can. 

--- Luis

Bunnies to Bridges, Closing of eve-N-odd gallery‏

[It is with a deep sadness that I post this press release received from eve N odd gallery about its last show and closing at the end of January 2014. Its director, Jennifer Kosharek, was the Art Taco Person of the Year for her consistently strong first-rate shows at this small but significant gallery in the Crislip Arcade. I count Ms. Kosharek as one of the great gallerists in the Bay Area, and I was not alone. Thank you, eve N odd and Jennifer Kosharek, for your efforts.]

Bunnies to Bridges, Closing of eve-N-odd gallery‏

The eve-N-odd will enjoy it's last month on the 600 Block of Central Avenue.  We have enjoyed three years of memorable shows with artists from all over the world and those who are your neighbors.  I painted murals in the alley, organized the yarn bombing of the block, invited a traveling letter press to visit us,  had an international show of cancer survivor women, had group shows such as the one that produced a coloring book!--just to name a few.    I don't think I could have tried any harder to put St. Petersburg, FL on the art map of the world. Sometimes I think my international followers valued this gallery more than the city of St Pete.  No matter, I will continue to make my own art!  

Our last show will be a traditional mail art show with the theme of: Ray Johnson, the father of mail art.  "Bunnies to Bridges"  will open January11th from 6-10 pm and will be the last show in the gallery. 

eve-N-odd gallery, 645 Central Ave. #11, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Show will be up through the end of January


Thank you!!!! 

Jennifer Kosharek
727 433 4981

Monday, December 23, 2013

This Christmas weekend, Dec 23rd - 29th.

It's too late to be good, but it never hurts to try, or so I am told. Years ago, I was Santa, so maybe he'll make allowances for my tresspasses. As we descend into the Christmas vortex, events are sparse, but take the family/friends/loved ones out of the house and spend some time together. Life is short, always shorter than we think (this was driven home again last week when a relative almost passed away). Forgive, let bygones be, and savor the greatest gift: Time with those you love.

(geez, sooo sentimental!)

Thursday, Dec 26th 2013


 Sale at MFA Gift Shop

Take up to 75% off select items during the Museum of Fine arts annual After Christmas Clearance Sale including; jewelry, home accessories, tchotchkes, toys and games, and much more.

Saturday, Dec. 28th, 2013

Recovery...go see a movie, or the sunset at the beach...over by the Don Cesar...hit a few sales...enjoy!

Bleu Acier's experiment: First There is a Mountain. The Talks.

Master Printer Erika Greenberg Schneider and her husband, sculptor Dominique Labauvie took a bold step forward with the Greg Perkins "First There is a Mountain" show.

This exhibit marked the gallery's tenth Anniversary. Erika introduced the show in a fairly conventional fashion at first, then shifted gears, culminating with a reading of  Saint-Exupery's "The Little Prince", the part where he meets the Little Prince and draws sheep for him. In the context of the art show, this was quite a parable.

 This was followed by the first talk, a presentation by Architect and Urban Designer Petra Kampf, an extraordinary exploration into the nature and history of the way we perceive physical (and other types of) space, a multifaceted approach that rambled over a lot of ground while remaining tight conceptually. I had the privilege of talking with Ms Kampf after her presentation for a  bit. The topic of space happens to be one of my favorites.

The 2nd talk was by Alison Powell, writer and Curator of Books at Oxford Exchange. Her personal experiences training in the Sierra Nevada mountains -- and rock climbing, seamlessly mixed with the iconology of mountains in literature (as mountain-themed music played in the background). 

The third talk was by Donald Morrill, poet and Dean at UT. Titled "Then there is a mountain", in relation to poetry. Starting with the Romantic "Mont Blanc", by Shelly, Morrill explored the topic to the present through changes in consciousness.

Last, Aaron Walker took the approach from a documentary he has been working on about the internment camp at Heart Mountain where 10,000 souls spent their WWII in spartan accomodations in a cold and desolate place with one very odd mountain dominating their horizon and many of the photogeaphs taken in the camp.

These talks demanded the audience pay attention and engage as listeners just to follow the threads of thought. No concessions, no dumbing-down, only lean, hardcore ideas that form a conceptual holographic frame and successive recontextualizations for Greg Perkin's very good post-photographic show. 

Bleu Acier continues to be an influential wellspring for the arts in the area. 

---- Luis

Guest Blog by Jay Herres: "Less is More"

[This is a generous contribution to Art Taco by painter and gallerist Jay Herres...]

Seems almost every critic, artist and celebrity says this as if it is the undisputed truth. The reality is less may be more, or less may be simply less. There have been many great Masters over the centuries for whom less was not more. In fact, it could be said that more was not enough.

The birth and popularity of Minimalism in the late sixties and early seventies seemed to enforce this as the unquestionable truth. This "indisputable" way of thinking has stripped endless works of art from their lifeblood. Some of the finest galleries are filled with hollowed out works like bodies without skeletons and houses without foundations. Many artists have seemingly become indifferent to, or abandoned the very elements and skills that artists have strived for over the centuries.

Design in many cases has become 'old hat', color harmonies, who needs them? Drawing skills? forget about it! The artistic blood trail abounds and marketing and name recognition have become the only Gods. The new art is thrown into the feeding trough and gobbled up by the well-heeled uninformed.

--- Jay Herres

[Thank you, Jay Herres, for your Guestblog. Art Taco welcomes guest blogs on almost any topic related to the arts. Please send submissions to art.taco@hotmail.com

Please send in HTML. ]

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The State of the Arts, 2013

With every economic downturn, there are those who saw it coming, and those who didn't. The majority fell in the latter category. Most people in the arts -- and their clients -- plowed on through bleak decreases in revenue, cutting back, postponing acquisitions, watching their savings and hopes draining. This created a lag between the cause and effect.

In 2011, a magazine (American Styles) held a contest of sorts for their online readers to vote on what was the #1 destination for the arts in the US and announced Saint Petersburg had won. This went on for three years, as the city was voted in again and again. To give some idea of the absurdity of this result, Tampa came in 2nd, then Miami. Saint Pete boosters carelessly recited this as a mantra without caveats. The problem was that the hype was undercut by a very real and cruel economic reality: During those years, gallerists wondered why  attendance and revenues were abysmally low, as artists did. This dissonance caused a lot of anger, despair and bickering in this community.

The 600 block was one of the victims of this.In 2013, it was reduced by a series of personal squabbles resulting from a combination of management problems and personality cult issues that should have been shortstopped immediately but dragged out across time, and into facebook, degrading the image capital of this great experiment. At this time, I think its future looks like it will be more oriented toward retail spaces and higher sq. ft. rentals. On the good side, the tenant population is rapidly shifting in a very positive way, and this may result in a renaissance for the block. More cohesion, collective action and responsive management can turn this around. The Oleson Gallery has fluorished in the latter part of 2013, emerging as an inclusive, alternative space.

The very same few people turned up at nearly all of the divisive moments of 2013, The once-charming and successful Wednesday Art Meet-ups at the Sake Bomb came to an end when Sebastian Coolidge splintered it with the Ham and Eggers at the Bends. 

 At the other end of the block, Rasta left as the final outcome of a sordid causal chain. Vitale got out of his space. Blue Lucy was rumored to be leaving, but stayed. Jay Herres is leaving. There is widespread disappointment with the property management. Eugenia Woods moved to a working promising working space at the Wearhouse.

 For personal reasons, the eve N odd gallery is closing at the end of January. One of the best, most innovative galleries in the Bay Area, run by a respected artist, it has been consistently along the leading edge of art shows in the area. Given its size and miniscule budget, it was a model for what can be done.

The State Theater is selling the business, not the building, which is curious, and the 662 across the street has been sold. Unless this signals a drastic change (think demolition), I see it as a positive.

The densepack monoblock idea of "star" artists and galleries in the 600 is shifting with many dispersing and setting up businesses and studios elsewhere. Location is extremely important, but it is not everything. 

In photography there is a term called "platypus", which basically means being neither this nor that, but a mix, posessing several apparently incongruous qualities essential for survival. In the arts, we are not seeing enough of this. still know of galleries that lack a site and are acting as if it was 2003, and are suffering for it.

Mindy Solomon's departure for Miami was our loss, but perfectly understandable. In one year, the arts in Dade County generate an estimated 500 million dollars. Art Basel, in one week, adds another 500 million. All of Pinellas County arts revenues total 23 million yearly. Do the math: Each year, Miami generates the equivalent arts revenues of ***43 years*** of what Pinellas does. It made perfect sense for Mindy to migrate. The amazing thing is that many others haven't followed. It is is a large arts market, meaning it is far more difficult expense-wise, the competition is at a totally different level, and there is a vast cultural difference.

The Morean Arts Center pulled off a miracle, managing to reconfigure their debt, and with Wayne Atherholt at the helm, pulled back from the brink. This is one of 2013's greatest positive stories in Bay area arts. Kudos to all involved.

There was movement in the Central Arts District, with Artpool adding a cafe and more markets. Creative Soul Studio/Cafe opened up and its commitment to the arts and shows are steadily improving. Nuance Galleries has been hosting a variety of shows and defining its Saint Pete identity. The St Pete Opera practice space opened up, Planet Retro and Rob Davidson Fine Arts moved there as well. Lots of continuing development there.

The Warehouse Arts District is building up momentum via a collective effort, great positive energies and more quality shows. It enjoys (due to the nature of the spaces and the "frontier" psychology) a wide variety of art, some of it in very large scale. I admire how the WADans are unifying, pooling resources and forging ahead. There are too many spaces there to cover here, but a few highlights: Soft Water Studios began having drawing classes and better curated shows. Mark Aeling, Carrie Jadus and others are leading the WADA capably. Duncan McClellan started its mobile glass lab for educating students in the school system and achieved a major coup with his Hot Shop. This changed the glass landscape for St Pete. May artists are working there and at least one is in residency. DMG is also having its exhibitors give talks at the MFA, a wonderful program that expands on the purely visual aspects of the exhibit. The Venture Compound has improved the quality of its art shows during 2013 without losing its unique attitude.  In the WAD, two fashion studios come to mind: Spathos, who has taken the lead in making things happen in Saint Petersburg Arts on many planes, and newcomer Wearhouse, a fashion co-op involving Eugenia Woods (Rebekah Lazzaridis) and Misred, who bring a sense of couture and feminine sophistication coupled with a positive can-do spirit.

I see 2013 as the year of correction. A return to reason and a realistic outlook that allows us a clear starting point towards a brighter future. As artists are expanding the range of locations beyond the standard "districts", we are seeing a balkanization that dilutes unity and emphasizes a cloud of locations as opposed to clusters.

 There needs to be better synchronization with government. Education of the latter as to the value of the arts (this seems to be woefully lacking).

 Collectivization between artists, galleries and organizations instead of further divisions and power grabs.

 A complete revamp of the city's outlook and control of murals, including setting up a committee whose members should include artists. We are well beyond the age of  "Czars". 

Facilitation for a plurality of smaller festivals, because these are the seeds from which great festivals grow -- as well as the community's identity.

Involvement, activism and collectivism on the 600 blk.

...and much, much more. 2014 is almost here. There is no cavalry coming to save us. No one will die for our sins. Mr. Right is not at the door (the wolf is!). Only we can make this happen. Let's build a better future, starting today.

--- Luis

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

This American Hustle Weekend, Dec. 16th - 22nd 2013

Monday, Dec 16th, 2013 -

Studio at 620 and WMNF present The Radio Theatre Project Christmas Show.
This month’s show will feature:

The Plot to Overthrow Christmas by Norman Corwin, adapted by Richard Fish and directed by Rich Rice

A Christmas Special that Overrules a Horrendous Plot. “The Plot to Overthrow Christmas” is a 2008 retelling of a treasure from the golden age of radio by Norman Corwin and the CBS Columbia Workshop. Although it pre-dates Dr Seuss by many years, there certainly is a marked similarity of style. This 35 minute romp of rhyming verse introduces us to Nero violining in hell and co-opted into a plot to assassinate Santa Claus. Except Santa Claus is not all as it seems, and sometimes the cold can do more to warm the heart than the flames of hell…

Another Merry Christmas written and directed by Jim Wicker

Santa returns home from his annual trip around the world delivering gifts, but this year he lacks his usual enthusiasm. It seems the troubles of the world are weighing on Santa’s mind, leaving him less jolly than usual. Can Santa’s personal assistant, the elf Izzy, help him regain his Christmas spirit?

Noel!! Noel!! The Continuing Adventures of Noel Berlin, Cabaret Detective written by Paul Wilborn and Matt Cowley.

What can happen next? Murder, Mayhem and St Petersburg’s elite meet up in the second season of the popular series written for and by RTP Live! in cliff hanger episodes with cabaret music and stunning sound effects. Don’t miss a single month

Christmas cabaret ! Sing-a-Long and Gifts of RTP Live!

RTP Live! will get you in the Holiday spirit with gifts ,treats & songs

Holiday Sing-A-Long

620 First Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, Florida  Starts @ 7:00 PM

Tuesday, Dec. 17th, 2013

Every Tuesday we have Open Figure Drawing at Soft Water Studios. Models are nude or partially draped. 2, 5, and 20 minute poses. Easels, benches and tables are available. Bring your own paper & supplies. $7 Model Fee.  

515 22nd Street South, Saint Petersburg

Thursday, Dec.19th, 2013

Continuing to explore the implications of historical and contemporary Korean art, Mindy Solomon presents FOCUS KOREA, an introduction to tone and texture.

Artists include:
Sungyee Kim
Sung-Jae Choi
Kang Hyo Lee
Ree Soo-Jong
Wookjae Maeng
Minkyu Lee

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 19, 6-9PM
Exhibition runs through January 23, 2014.

Join us for the opening reception and enjoy a Korean spirits sampling with Gramps!

172 NW 24th St., Miami, Florida  6-9 PM


It is time again for our annual gala. Join us for a great evening of glass, celebrating the holiday season.

Enjoy live glassblowing, refreshments, music and last minute gift ideas.

Sign up to create your own wineglass, beer chalice, vase or ornament during the event! (space is limited)




A Charity event for Metropolitan Metropolitan Ministries
Silent Auction 5 Pieces of framed Art valued at over $7k & Raffle win art, jewelry, sculptures, and unique gifts more than $10k worth of prizes
100% of the proceeds going to the charity.
also wear your ugly Christmas sweater and win some art!

1907 E. 7th Avenue, Tampa, Florida 6-11 PM.

Saturday, Dec 21, 2013

Please join us Saturday, December 21 from 7-10pm for a sneak peek at our new space and some holiday cheer. 

4636 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, Florida 33603



Saturday, December 14, 2013

This Book Thief Weekend, Dec. 13 - 15, 2013

Friday, 12/13/2013

Come down to U562 and see what's happening! Paintings by Evan Neimann, ceramics by Jeremiah Jacobs, woodwork by Rob and Zoe Bocik, and glass and metal by Christian Zvonik.

We will have lots of holiday gifts including wood jewelry, glass ornaments, beautiful ceramic sculptures, cheese/sushi/serving trays, beautiful blown glass sculpture, furnishings and lots more! Have a drink with us to celebrate Funktionhouse Urban Lumber & Furnishings new home!

5:00 PM.

562 25th St S, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33712-1616
562 25th St S, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Graduating Fine Art students from University of South Florida are pleased to present Unpronounceable Symbols, December 3rd to December 13th. This graduation exhibition represents the work of the Bachelor of Fine Arts students from the School of Art and Art History at USF. Painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, video, photography, digital media, and installation will be represented.

Exhibiting Artists: Rachel Bennett, Robert Dallas, Cat Edbauer, Chris Elmore, Alicia Everett, Julia Rose Fowler, Jeremy Gallman, Emily Gerrity, Genevieve Godcharles, Hadley “Dabbers” Hansen, Samantha Hoffman, Brianna Horn, Deanna Larson, Heather McHugh, Daniela Mora, Jordyn Newsome, Tyler Odom, Ashley J. Ortiz-Diaz, Tara Radosevich, Hillary Nicole Reed, Jacob Reidt, Sarah Rupp, Mariel Salisbury, Spooky Steve, Cheryl Weber, Erica Wold and Blayne Wyatt.

A reception will be held on December 13 from 6-10 PM at The Lock Box. The Lock Box is located at 633 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602. Admission is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

Unpronounceable Symbols runs from December 3rd to December 13 and will be open Tuesday – Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

For more information contact:
Robert Dallas, Exhibition Participant and Public Relations Coordinator



Saturday, Dec. 14th, 2013 - Biggest 2nd Saturday of the year,,,



Visit the Phoenix Glass Studio for our annual holiday sale! We'll have great specials on ornaments, paper weights, gift items and more! Glass Art & Sculpture by Susan Gott Cast & Blown. Giftware by Phoenix Studio Artisans.

Sign up to Make Your Own Ornament!
A glass blower will help you, One-On-One gather the glass, choose your color and make an ornament with your own breath, finished with a hook to hang on your tree this year!
only $50
Preregister & schedule a time by stopping by the studio or calling 813-237-3473! 

 10:00am until 6:00pm in EST
811 E Knollwood St, Tampa, Florida  


Atomic Holiday Bazaar enters its 8th season on Saturday, December 14 & Sunday, December 15 at Sarasota's historic art deco gem, the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. This wonderful community building, built in 1938, has been the Atomic venue since the show's inception.

If you are new to Atomic, Atomic is a family friendly indie craft show, however, there is adult content in the Atomic shows, i.e., adult words, visuals, provocative items, more G to PG rated.

Admission: $5 Adults / 12 & Under Free
Free Entry to Bay Front Room located behind the auditorium.
Free Atomic tote bags screened by sponsor Clothesline and handed out to the first 100 adults through the door at each show by roller derby gals the Suncoast Quad Squad.

Atomic vendor space is entirely sold out and the wait list is filled.

SRQ Municipal Auditorium - 801 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.



Class Description
The event will provide:

• An overview of the ACA's consumer benefits, requirements, and deadlines
• Discussion of considerations when choosing a health plan (metal levels, deductibles, drug formularies, etc.)
• Question and answer session
• Enrollment information, assistance, and/or scheduling of enrollment appointments

Class Location
Independent Bar and Café 5016 N Florida AV, Tampa, FL 33603

Instructor Credentials

Patrick Cannon has a PhD in Communication
Health Care Advocate and Consultant, Wendell Potter Consulting, LLC
Presenter of statewide public presentations on the Affordable Care Act since 2010

Materials List
Materials for note-taking



Attention all local crafters, fashionistas, designers and artisans extraordinaire! We are hosting out first annual Holiday Party and we want you to join!

Come celebrate our grand opening with us! Get gussied up or don your vintage Christmas Cat sweater and let's rock around the Christmas Tree (*wink).

There will be refreshments, finger foods, cheesy holiday tunes, vendors selling stocking stuffers and maybe even a moonlight serenede.

Come out, meet us, cheers with us and see our space! 

2235 1st ave South, Saint Petersburg, Florida
 4:00pm until 9:00pm


Welcome to St. Pete’s Second Saturday Artwalk! Please join us as our two free Art Trolleys takes you on a tour of over 35 warehouses, galleries and studios that are staying open late just for you! Ride the trolley to these venues or download the map to drive yourself.

This month’s trolley is sponsored by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance and will be taking you from Beach Drive to deep in the heart of the Warehouse Arts District. See below for the details where you can browse, watch and purchase “Where Art is Made”! The trolley is free but be sure to bring some cash with you. Many of the venues have cold beverages available for a donation including beer, wine, soda and water.

Free trolley parking can be found on 1st Ave N and 1st Ave S from 15th St to 30th Street right along where Craftsman House and Nuance Galleries are. Additional parking will be available for trolley riders in the vacant lot at the Northeast corner of Central Avenue and 29th Street (Please note that this is NOT one of our trolley stops). In addition, venues with large free parking lots are Duncan McClellan, Soft Water Studio, St. Pete Art Mash and St. Pete Clay Company.

TROLLEY STOP – Trolley starts here at 5pm
Craftsman House Gallery – Place Setting Show. Housed in an historic Arts & Crafts bungalow, this gallery features clay, blown glass, jewelry, wood, handcrafted furniture, from over 300 national & local artisans.
2955 Central Ave., Saint Petersburg, FL.

Nuance Galleries St Pete – Gallery features 15 of Florida’s top artists working in oil and watercolor, plus international artists from 12 countries. The home of the Clyde Hensley Cuban art collection which traveled the US for 4 years to museums and universities in 18 cities.
2924 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL.

Charlie Parker Pottery – A full service ceramic studio offering memberships, private studios, classes for all abilities, both gas & electric kilns, as well as special Raku Fridays. Our gallery is all handmade ceramic art for every taste and budget. 5-9pm
2724 Sixth Avenue S, Saint Petersburg, FL

Zen Glass Studio – Enjoy live glassblowing, auctions, demonstrations and a gallery show of our newest creations. Featuring the works of Zen Glass artists Joshua Poll, Dave Walker, and Christian Zvonik.
600 27th Street South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

Bottega D’Arte Galleria - Contemporary art gallery.
2655 6th Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

Epic Artisan Concrete - Handcrafted, customized concrete art: custom sinks, countertops, furniture.
2631 6th Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

The Venture Compound - The Venture Compound is the art studio of the Pangaea Project, a non-profit organization for young and emerging artists and arts that are not commercially viable.
2621 Fairfield Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

U562 Art Studios & Showroom – A working art studio and showroom. Currently showing the works of Christian Zvonik (blown glass sculpture), Evan Neimann (painter), Jeremiah Jacobs (ceramics and sculpture), and Kendra Zvonik (painter). Proud to be the new home of Funktionhouse Urban Lumber and Furnishings.
562 25th Street South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

Duncan McClellan Gallery – Glass blowing demos, liquid nitrogen food & glass experiments. 5-9:30pm
550 24th Street South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum – The hub for African American art and culture in St. Petersburg. The gallery is often flanked by artwork detailing a rich diaspora of people of African descent. The garden is one of St. Pete's best kept secrets, providing a beautiful backdrop for performances featuring jazz, poetry, and gospel renditions.
2240 9th Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

Royal Theater – A community theater facility established in 1948 that encourages diverse artistic, cultural & educational activities that will enrich the lives of children, adults, & the community. Offers art education in the performing & visual arts.
1011 22nd St. South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

Soft Water Studios - A 4000 sq ft warehouse space has been beautifully transformed into a fine art gallery and studio space. Featuring a rotating gallery of paintings, photography, and sculpture by Resident Soft Water artists: Sir Paul Glass, Emily Miller, Joe Coleman & Carrie Jadus.
515 22nd Street South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

MGA Sculpture Studio – A commission driven sculpture facility that specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of sculptural objects in a variety of mediums from cast-able materials to metal fabrication. Currently working on several large scale commissions for local private entities and across the country.
515 22nd Street South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

St. Petersburg Clay Company – Clay facilities located in the old Seaboard train station.
420 22nd Street South, Saint Petersburg, FL. 33712

Clay Center of St. Petersburg - Wheel throwing & saggar firing demos. A full service clay studio. 23 member artists, plus visiting member artists during the winter months. Offering classes in hand building, wheel throwing, and sculpture. Gallery features a great representation of the wide variety of work by our members & instructors.
400 23rd Street South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

Cheers Events! – Pirate Pub Art Garden - See the works of multiple artists in the Art Garden and enjoy the custom theming in the Pirate Pub. Different artists are showcased each month
2133 2nd Ave. South St. Petersburg Fl 33712

Red Zen Art – A working studio where creativity is the focus, with many pieces in progress! The studio is home to artist Jim Rolston's Fine Art Paintings and Sculptures. Most of Jim's work is abstract expressionism and ceramic sculpture pieces.
2149 3rd Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

Works in Progress Art Studios & Gallery
An eclectic space housing the working studios of artists Daniel DeWindt and Carolynn DelMonte, as well as a showroom area for Calusa Press, a hand-fed custom letterpress company. Monthly exhibits at our small gallery feature the art of various local artists in a casual, welcoming atmosphere! 5-9pm
24 22nd Street South, Saint Petersburg, Fl 33712

St. Pete Opera Company - A photographic retrospective of St. Pete Opera’s first seven seasons in their new home, Opera Central. The heart of the building is a 750 sq. ft. gallery for visual art. The gallery is available for shows by local artists.
2145 1st Ave South, Saint Peteresburg, FL 33712

TROLLEY STOP - (Transfer Station between East & West Loops)
ARTicles Art Gallery & Custom Framing - Folk artists: Sandy Hall. Representing an eclectic group of artists, and serves as a friendly and approachable place for everyone to discover and support local art in St Pete.
1455 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL, 33705

US Artists Group Electric Zoo Studios - Featuring the work of artist/illustrator, Elaine B. Yates and 3D anaglyphics by Jim McNeely. Electric Zoo Studios-Complete "Live" video and performance studios featuring multi-HD video camera productions, webstreaming, virtual sets with tricaster, large green screen "Cyc" wall.
1741 First Avenue North, Saint Petersburg, FL

Grand Central Stained Glass & Graphics
Stained glass, fused glass and mosaic workers onsite doing their thing - all open and available to answer questions. Music, plus sweet treats will be available.
2401 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33713

Creative Soul – 2425 Central Avenue, 727-575-7977
Features acrylic, mixed media and oil paintings, mixed media sculptures and jewelry by artist/owner, Amy S. Pate, & local artists. Commissioned art, individual & family portraits also available
2425 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33713

Painting with Fire Studio – 2428 Central Avenue, (727) 498-6409
A hybrid space featuring a gallery, a flameworking studio, and a metalsmithing studio. Specialty focus is torch-fired enamel jewelry by Barbara Lewis, author of "Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry: a Workshop in Painting with Fire," named the Best Craft Book of 2011 at Amazon.
2428 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL

Creative Clay – The Good Folk Show 2013 Invitational Exhibit featuring portraits of Creative Clay members by local & regional professional artists.
1114 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33705

Feathered Serpent Gallery - Holiday and jewelry expo. Contemporary Latin American art & gifts.
1018 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33705

Morean Arts Center – “Seasons Eatings” Holiday Show & Sale. Center features over 50 local artists. Rotating contemporary art exhibitions & gallery store.
719 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Graphi-Ko Gallery – Original paintings, photos, sculptures, & works in glass by owner Wilmer Vergara and other featured local artists. An extensive variety of jewelry created both on-site & imported from around the world.
669 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Donna Gordon Gallery – Representational fine art featuring the work of professional artists of the Southeast United States, as well as the working studio & bronze sculpture of Donna Gordon.
625 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Dazzio Art Experience Gallery – Premier Gallery & School of Art....."where we believe that all people are meant to be creative, learning in a fun and relaxed atmosphere"...Let Us Release Your Creative Genius!
622 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Strands of Sunshine - Holiday gifts from stocking stuffers to keepsakes. Ongoing jewelry creations by owner/artist Amy Marshall.
4 Sixth Street North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Florida Holocaust Museum – Through the Eye of the Needle - Fabric of Survival. The art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz. Honors the memory of millions of men, women and children who suffered or died in the Holocaust.
55 Fifth Street South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Florida Craftsmen – “Holiday Boutique” Expect to be dazzled by the finest glass, jewelry, clay, fiber, wood, metal, & mixed media created by Florida artists.
501 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Art Lofts – (above Florida Craftsmen) - A collection of working artist studios. Artworks range from contemporary mixed media to traditional painting.
10 Fifth Street North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Berk Fine Art & Wags Gallery – Special pricing on gift prints & art mugs. Ongoing colorful paintings of pets & other animals.
10 Fifth Street North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Michele Tuegel Contemporary – Home, hearth, & holiday sparkle. Gallery of art, craft, design, & adornment blends new work by 75 national artists with cultural artifacts & timeless furniture.
320 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Timothy Raines Gallery – Timothy Raines expressionistic art captures the icons of luxury & the sporting lifestyle. Also featuring Jon Lee whose passion for fishing & the sea can be seen through his paintings and Jack Dowd’s iconic, life-sized sculptures & pastel drawings.
200 Central Avenue, Ste 111, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Nicole Shannon Design – Holiday Sale! An art gallery & studio featuring eco-friendly art jewelry by artist & goldsmith Nicole Shannon, as well as select works by award-winning American painters and sculptors.
200 Beach Drive (upstairs), Ste 7, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Shapiro’s Gallery – A collection of handcrafted jewelry, glasswork, clay, pottery, wooden boxes, jewelry boxes, clocks, Judaica, metal sculpture and home accessories.
300 Beach Drive NE, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Scherer Art Gallery – Specializing in American and European Art Works (Old Master to Contemporary).
145 Fifth Avenue NE, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Lynn Merhige Gallery – “Art to wet the Palate” painting & photography D”Andrea, Defoy, and Mancuso.
216 Fourth St North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Art on First – Showcasing the work of artist/owner Rita Gould as well as Carol Bardes, Kennedi Benjamin, Mirella Cimato, Gail Falkingham, Jean Hurst, Mary Khosh, Ronn Johnson, Richard Logan, Pamela Rubenstein, Sonia Ann Smith, & others. A variety of artwork of different media, 2 & 3 dimensional, from traditional to trendy.
550 First Avenue North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Our partner associations also have great listings for art events!!
• Keep Saint Petersburg Local - https://www.facebook.com/keepsaintpetersburglocal?ref=ts&fref=ts
• Grand Central District Association - https://www.facebook.com/GrandCentralDistrictAssociation?ref=ts&fref=ts
• Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Historic-Kenwood-Neighborhood-Association/114387835259?ref=ts&fref=ts

St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, www.stpeteartsalliance.org


Closing reception for Cartography of the Soul at Soft Water Studios



The Duncan McClellan Gallery proudly presents a special Holiday Exhibit with national master glass blowers, Jacob Stout and Charles Savoie plus other St. Pete Hot Glass Gaffers.

At 5pm on Saturday, December 14th, the gallery doors will open to reveal one of a kind blown glass that is perfect for holiday gifts. From bowls and paperweights to decorative cylinders and intricate goblets, you will truly enjoy shopping local at the gallery. If you have larger gifts in mind, the sculptural glass of Duncan McClellan, Peter Wright, Noel Hart, David Patchen Handblown Glass and many others will also be on exhibit and for sale.

While you browse, enjoy an adult beverage,soda or water for a donation from our custom bars (All donations benefit the DMG School Project).

On Sunday, December 15th, 2013 at 2pm, listen to Jacob Stout and Chuck Savoie lecture at Hot Gatherings, Cool Conversations, DMG School Project’s Visiting Glass Artists Series at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida. Come early and enjoy brunch at 1pm with a 15% off “HotShop” discount (not to be used in conjunction with museum membership discounts) and receive a free mimosa. An Artists’ Reception and glass blowing demonstration at the Duncan McClellan Gallery will immediately follow the lecture.

Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday, noon-5pm and by appointment.


Come join us this Saturday, December 14th as we celebrate our next featured artist Princess Simpson Rashid.

We will have live music, free wine and hours'devours and the event is free! Come indulge in extravagant local art, right in the heart of Ybor City.

(From 7- 9 pm there will be on Christmas Parade so come early and enjoy the Christmas snow on 7th Ave.)

Everyone is invited so bring your family and friends!


On December 14th Derek Donnelly will be having his first official one man show in 13 years. This exhibit will visualy showcase Donnelly's amazing journey of becoming an artist (again) over the past 3 years in beautiful DOWNTOWN St. Pete. Dont miss this one man show of the season!

A little over 2 years ago we rented a warehouse almost by accident. One day, we looked at each other and said, "we should have a show." Not too long after that, we looked around the front room and jokingly referred to it as an art gallery. Since then we have had literally hundreds of shows, over a dozen art gallery openings, dozens of Free Skool classes, exhibited visual work by nearly 100 different artists and hosted musicians from as Japan, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Mexico and all over the United States. Somehow, we're still here, still kicking ass and getting ready to begin our third year with tons of new programming, theater, free education and general weirdness. Come celebrate our tenacity (and stupidity) with us. We love you.

pornojumpstart (SC) - [Upbeat modular synth heaven]

Sammy Satic- [Chaotic Modular Synth Hell]

Blk/Mas - [Analog Dreams]

Otolathe - [Modular Surgeon]

Hovering Humanoids - [Math Rock of the Titans]

Nequam Sonitus - [Don't ask]

Smith Lavender - [Singing Trinkets and Wells of Energy]

Mark Castle - [Dumpsterpop]

Fevers - [Cold Sweats of Doom]

Lovebrrd - [All your favorites you never wanted to hear again]

THE ATTIC Closing Reception



Participating Artists:

Stephanie Siefken-Amare
Dean Arscott
Lindsey Bassett
Zachariah Bowden
Sharon Britton
Jenipher Chandley
J. Christopher
Sebastian Coolidge
Cameron Cottrill
Nikki Devereux
Maria DiSclafani
Alex Duensing
Jake Fox
Naomi Glueck
Meredith Goerlich
Julian Grimes
Christopher Herres
Jay Herres
Scott Hillis
Reid Jenkins
Eric Kent
Jennifer Kosharek
Dan Lasata
Brandon Marshall
Emily Miller
Chad Mize
James Oleson
Don Orcutt
Johnnie Profhet
Sheree Rensel
Thomas Ris
Josue Saenz
Elena Sarn
Xina Scuderi
Laura Spencer
Emily Stone
Kim Stone
John Jairo Suarez
John Taormina
Van Der Luck
Justin Wagher
Cassandra Wahuhi

Live music by:
Catatonic Scripts

Performance by:
Lindsay King

(More to come...)


Friday, December 13, 2013

Blue Boy: Moy Loera Solo show at Rhino Gallery

"Blue Boy", the Moy Loera solo show at Rhino Gallery was themed around a character of the same name, with a cloud-like shock of big aqua-blue hair on his head. This character has been developed over several years, becoming increasingly individuated and stylized. It is a minimal figure, composed of hard-edged well-defined outlines and blocks of color within.

Moy Loera and his work.

Sometimes disembodied, as in the painting show above, floating on a cosmic star field, Blue Boy has traces of anime and graffiti influenced, very graphic style. Note the four thought bubbles issuing from his hair towards trhe corners of the frame. (clock-wise)... "True", "Stay Fresh", "Yeah OK" and a heart. These read like basic tenets of the artist.

Work by Moy Loera

In the work above, Blue Boy takes the form of a colorless rectangular box, and the colors are all in cloud-like forms outside the box. Note the black clouds. Blue Boy may  not be laughing, but he still stays positive and smiles.

Work by Moy Loera.

In the work above, Blue Boy's thought bubble is in an ideal form, the diamond. Look closer, there is a face in the facets, with a narrow jaw and ears, looking very fox-like. This is a fox-like visage and to give it away, just happens to be the nagual of Melissa Loera (also an artist). Moy is one of several personal symbolists we have in the area. His work is more accessible than most, deceptively simple, graphic in style and conceptually strong.

Congratulations to Moy Loera and Rhino Studios for a good show.

--- Luis

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Join us Thursday, December 12th for our 1st annual Holiday Shop Hop on The 600 Block! Many of the shops and galleries will be open for all your holiday shopping needs!

Bring all your gifts out and get them wrapped by The Upcycle Trading Company! They do such an amazing job and will be set up in the Crislip Arcade for this event! Check out their Facebook page for pictures of their work.

Come out and support your community this holiday season!

600 Block of Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701

 --- Luis

Monday, December 9, 2013

Holidays at the Morean Arts Center 2013

morean arts center saint petersburg florida
MoreanArtsCenter.org | Classes | Galleries | Hot Shop | Chihuly Collection | Center for Clay Happy Holidays from the Morean Arts Center
We hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family, and we hope to see you at the Morean over the coming weeks. Here are PLENTY of options for you:

Chihuly Collection offers extended hours

Dale Chihuly, Persian Sunset Wall.
2010, 6' x 25 1/2'
Please enjoy extended hours November 29, 30 & December 1
The Chihuly Collection will remain open until 8pm through the weekend (enjoy BOGO admission on Black Friday)

Members Discounts through the weekend

Enjoy double discounts at the Morean Gallery Store!
Morean members save 20% on all Holiday Show and Gallery Store artwork November 29 through December 1.
The Morean Gallery Store will be open 10am-5pm Friday/Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm.
Non-members will receive 10% off

Holiday Weekday Deals!

Now through December 20 - Enjoy Buy One Get One deals on St. Petersburg Arts Experience admission tickets.
View the Chihuly Collection, Morean Arts Center, Glass Studio & Hot Shop and Morean Center for Clay all for a great deal!
Tickets can be purchased at any of the Morean's box offices.

Annual Appeal

To all of our friends and supporters: Thank you for nearly a century of supporting arts education in our community. Let's continue to make St. Petersburg a better place each and every day through art.
Please click here to make a donation to the 2013 Morean Arts Center Annual Appeal.

Morean Arts Center Gift Certificates make the perfect gift!
Call today to purchase a gift certificate that can be redeemed for ANYTHING at the Morean Arts Center including any of our wonderful classes, beautiful merchandise available at all three retail stores or tickets to the Chihuly Collection and Glass Studio & Hot Shop. Guest Services staff are happy to help you; please call 727.822.7872 x0

Holiday Cabaret at the Morean Art Center
A Not So Silent Night
December 15
Tickets available for purchase here...only $15 per person.
A holiday cabaret featuring Becca McCoy, with James Weaver on piano.

719 Central Avenue
Downtown, St. Petersburg

New Instructor Spotlight
December 12
Join us as we introduce our newest teaching artists here at the Morean Arts Center!
Each instructor will give a short talk about their artwork: David Durbak, Irina Frances, Jeremy Wallace, Vince Mancusso and Ya La'Ford
FREE and open to the public
Light snacks and a cash bar will be available
719 Central Avenue
Downtown, St. Petersburg

Clay Conversations

December 7

Featuring Robert Harrison, author of the new release: Sustainable Ceramics
FREE and open to the public
Train Station Center for Clay
420 22nd Street South
St. Petersburg

Blow Your Own Holiday Ornament!

Call today to register to Blow Your Own Holiday Ornament!
Only $75 for a one-on-one experience with one of our talented resident artisans at the Morean Glass Studio & Hot Shop
A perfect holiday gift for someone or just a fun experience for yourself.
Call guest services to reserve your space: 727.822.7872 x0
For more information, please click here.

© 2013 Morean Arts Center. All rights reserved.