Monday, November 24, 2014

Blue Lucy Closes

Five years ago, when the 600 block of Central was opened, there were over ten galleries.. Blue Lucy, then under the dual ownership of Philip Clark and Chad Mize, was there. Five years later, the gallery has announced it will close its doors at the end of December.

In those five years, the number of galleries on the block was decimated, partially due to the economic Depression that began around 2007 and continues to this day. The rest is due to persistent problems with the manager of the 600 block, Gary Burnside.

From an article by Megan Voeller in Creative Loafing, from 2010:

"Anyone familiar with the standard narrative of gentrification -- first the artists move in, then big business comes knocking -- has to wonder if the Crislip's creative commune vibe will be crashed by the equivalent of a Starbucks -- or any tenant who can afford to pay top dollar for the space. "That's not my agenda," says Gaffney, who is quick to note that he's no philanthropist and doesn't plan to replicate the Crislip experiment with his other investments. Tenants like Bluelucy point to five-year leases in support of their faith in the developer's intentions, though other tenants have signed for much shorter terms. Burnside is more direct:
"I know the money that [Gaffney has] spent, and I know the rents that are coming in -- and I can sum it up in a few words: think of it as a gift to the city," he says."

However, in conversation, Burnside often boasted of how much additional money in rents was being generated as he assiduously raised the rents of all tenants, with one exception. As galleries left, he openly talked about getting rid of the arts tenants and bringing in retail businesses to replace them. I have in my possession a copy of an insulting letter he sent to several of his tenants where he openly said this.

When Blue Lucy's five year lease (which proved a brilliant decision, or his rent would have been raised much sooner) ended, Chad Mize was confronted with a large increase in rent, and like other tenants, he decided to get out, announcing the closing today.

The Blue Lucy announcement:

"BlueLucy will be exiting the The 600 Block of St. Petersburg at the end of this year. We have had an amazing 5 years at this wonderful location. We've seen many artists and art lovers come through our door. We've helped start collections and push an artist or two. Sometimes a location/space can become too much of the same. After 30 separate exhibits in this one location we are ready for something new. We will continue to curate art exhibits throughout the year. New spaces and new ideas await."

Blue Lucy put together a solid series of shows over its five years. Chad Mize is a master at creating pop themes with back stories in the collective imagination and memory.

There are now two artists left in the Crislip Arcade. Turnover in the 600 blk remains high, and there is nervousness among some of the other tenants.

In spite of occasionally butting heads, I want to personally thank Chad  Mize for being a major influence on the Saint Petersburg Florida arts scene and for his consistently professional demeanor. I wish him the best in any future endeavors, though I suspect we will be seeing more of him soon.

This sordid episode is repeating itself all over the US (and world) as artists are used to break the (unrentable) blight in properties, saddled with build-outs and then driven out ASAP by their landlords.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

--- Luis

Saturday, November 22, 2014

This Shopapalooza Weekend, Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

See. Hear. Feel. is a multi-sensory experience focusing on Alzheimer’s disease.

This emotional gallery-style show features visual arts, poetry and music working together to tell the story of memories lost to Alzheimer's disease. This event aims to bring awareness to this devastating ailment.

Eight collaborative art installations include photographs from Rossie Newson, poems by Gloria Muñoz & music by La Lucha. On Friday & Saturday evenings, each artist will perform and speak about their involvement. Partial proceeds from admissions will benefit the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer's Institute, which is dedicated to the prevention, treatment and cure of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.

Mark Feinman is the sixth of six artists who have been given a HUGE boost with time, space, mentors, volunteers, and funding to turn their concept into a series of performances. The Studio@620 Project Gen Yes! is a concept to performance accelerator for jazz, dance, and theatre made possible by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Award winning artist, vocalist, writer, and mentor who has been involved with the Studio@620 since its inception ten years ago, Sharon Scott, has been the mentor for these millennial artists.

See. Hear. Feel. takes place Friday and Saturday, November 21 & 22 at 7PM and Sunday, November 23 12 at 3PM

Admission is $1
5, $10 students or seniors.


"Get a gaggle of salty friends together. Have a couple of cocktails. Throw some sass at the cast and the energy should be repaid in full [...] light and silly, like if vaudeville got a little drunk [...] The show is not for kids, but it's unlikely to seriously offend most [...] If you swap pearls for a sense of humor, you're going to have a great time at the show" - Tampa Bay Times

"outlandishly funny performances ... [Hines] is impressive in drag ... [Bohnenkamp] is calm, calculating and sure of herself ... the supporting cast, in multiple roles, is good ... a fun, silly romp" -

"Busch's campy brand of depravity was perfectly executed [...] [Bohnenkamp] is a sheer delight onstage as one half of the eponymous duo; managing to create a fun blend of menacing and cattiness. As her nemesis [Hines] holds his own among the other Jobsite vets." - (Desiree Fantal)

"Hines is ever-animated as he goes from sad, little sacrificial lamb, to fiery, classic Hollywood vamp, to a washed up, yet headstrong Las Vegas showgirl in 0 to 60 [Bohnenkamp] is a forceful spitfire, ready to take on any who would dare stand in her way. Bohnenkamp leads each new persona with much of the same assuredness [...] it’s all so outlandish, but oh so enjoyable." - Only in Tampa Bay

"[Hines'] drag turn in the Charles Busch cult classic is like a master class in camp ... this production is marvelous fun that should be celebrated by all local theatergoers. Definitely see VLOS for the unapologetic mindless amusement and for camp done right. But mainly see it to experience one of the best performances of the year." - (Peter Nason)

"a laugh-out-loud funny satire ... perhaps the show’s greatest feat is that by injecting the narrative with a good dose of silliness instead of sensuality, [it] is able to aim its biting wit at perhaps its most apt target -- the association of vampires with sex. From penis shaped spears to the more subtle wordplay, it runs the full gamut." - The Sunlit Tome

Jobsite joins a nationwide tribute to the master of camp comedy, 30 Years of Charles Busch – A Celebration, in conjunction with our favorite holiday!

One of the longest running plays in Off-Broadway history, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom tells the saga of two fatally seductive vampiresses, a virgin sacrifice (Coco & Homo’s Zachary Hines) and her maker (veteran Jobsiteer Summer Bohnenkamp), whose paths first collide in ancient Sodom. Their bitter rivalry endures for nearly two thousand years with stops along the way in 1920’s silent movie Hollywood and contemporary Las Vegas. Moving between histrionics of classic horror cinema and the cheerful nastiness of the backstage melodrama of manners All About Eve, Vampire Lesbians sparkles with spectacle, homage and double entendre.

Jobsite’s production of Vampire Lesbians of Sodom features live music and burlesque/cabaret-style interludes under the music direction of J. Elijah Cho.

“Charles Busch makes it very clear that this was never meant to be performed as a traditional play but as a burlesque,” offers director David M. Jenkins. “We’ve got a collection of numbers that range in periods and styles from the 1916 class My Man to LUDO's 2008 Love Me Dead. Some are outright nightclub acts to help cover costume changes while others look to help bridge the periods in the show and tell a little bit more of a story.” Cho will accompany on stage acoustically.

Some of Jobsite’s most successful and memorable productions have been focused around Halloween – from last year’s Macbeth to the monochromatic musical Gorey Stories to Clive Barker’s History of the Devil. Fans of last year’s season opener, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, will certainly not want to miss this drag-tastic romp of a burlesque that also features Spencer Meyers, who played Hedwig, as a vampire hunter hot on the heels of our heroines. Spencer P. Meyers also has created multiple new paintings for the gallery in the theater, and guests can get a limited edition print with a donation to the company.

Jobsite is thankful for the marketing support of Watermark for this show and the season sponsorship of Gobioff Foundation, Creative Loafing Tampa, Arts Council of Hillsborough County, Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners, Illumination Advertising, Inc. and the David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts


An outdoor fine craft festival featuring over 120 of the nation's finest craft artists.

Artist demonstrations. interactive activities, delicious food truck fare and the best in locally crafted beer.

10:00am - 5:00pm November 22-23.


Shopapalooza, in its fifth year, brings together more than 120 vendors and 5,000 shoppers for a fun-filled day of shopping in downtown St. Pete! Admission is free.

This family-friendly event features:
- Giveaways & raffles
- Beer Garden by Rotary Club Sunset St. Petersburg
- 130+ Retail and Art Vendors
- Children’s Area by Great Explorations
- Food. food, food!
- Trop Rock Junkies

For media and sponsorship information, email Mo Venouziou at

Shopapalooza is a production of LocalShops1

2014 sponsors: St. Petersburg Tribune
Bright House Networks Business Solutions
City of St. Petersburg
American Stage Theater Company
Moorman Photographics
Sunset Rotary Club of St. Petersburg
Great Explorations Children's Museum


Featured Exhibition at St. Pete Art Works

MORE WIRE...and More
Wire and Mixed Media Sculpture by
Judy Vienneau

November 18 – December 13, 2014

Saturday November 22
6 - 9 pm

FREE and open to the Public.

St Pete ArtWorks
635 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg 33701
Gallery Open Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 11 am – 6 pm
Second Saturdays 'til 9pm
Gallery Phone: 727-710-7716





Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stopping the ethnic cleansing of Artists with a not-so-new paradigm.

About fifteen years ago, Bradenton made a daring move in re-designating a residential area consisting of 1930's bungalows in an area formerly occupied by a large hospital. The artists and other entrepeneurial visionaries fought for a rezoning of the 36 acres of the Village into a customized multiple-use designation allowing galleries, restaurants and cafes in lived-in homes.

The owners must live in the houses. They have gallery walks every First Friday and Saturday, are closed during the off-season (summer).

I look at this as having great potential in Saint Petersburg, where greedy landlords and developers are consistently pushing out artists towards the West (Gulfport) and South St. Pete, which is poised to begin a renaissance, starting with the Deuces area, 22nd and 9th S. Combination homes/businesses could work to delay the displacement of artists, as well as creating an arts district owned by artists, not landlords.

It is a relatively low-buck idea that requires little (from a city that  gives little) money, and would work as a decentralized artists' enclave of sorts, not in competition with existing districts, but in addition to them. It could work as a revitalizing influence on the South Side as well.

I am not advocating replicating what they did, but learning from them what works and recontextualizing this idea into the twenty-teens.

----  Luis

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My 2nd Saturday...

2nd Saturday is the Artwalk in Saint Petersburg. This is what my list looked like last week...

---- Luis

First Tampa AIA Pop-up Design Fest.

The AIA held the 1st Pop-up Design Fest on Saturday, November 8th on Franklin Street.

Playing blocks for young designers.

By Ryan Swanson.

By Mishou Sanchez and two other designers.


Drawing on the City.

At play.

Looking N. on Franklin.

--- Luis

Amsterdam Dam Jam Murals

The Amsterdam Bar on 10th and Central in Saint Petersburg Florida held an event where muralists paired up and painted together on the Western wall of the building. Here's the results....

Aureilius Artist and Jenipher Chandley.

Alexander Richard Infanti Glueck and John Jairo Suarez.

 Derek Donnelly and Chainsaw Chuck.

 [Who did this?]

[Artist unknown]

 Scott Hillis and Justin Wagher.

--- Luis

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This Weekend, November 13-16.

Friday, November 14

Made Here, Art and Crafts event in Palmetto. Palmetto Art Center 907 5th St. W. Palmetto Florida. Friday, November 14th.

Saturday, November 15

It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to the first ever “Art in Midtown - a Conversation” - The Warehouse Arts District Association Educational Summit. Our aim is to make an impact on local arts education within the community so we are seeking input from our area arts educators, students and neighbors.

The evening will explore the possibilities that the Warehouse Arts District Enclave can provide to today’s eager young minds -- and supplement existing educational programs.

The goal of this summit is to open a dialogue about arts education and its benefit to the youth in the local community. More importantly, we want to know how we can complement existing programs and what you would prefer to see with regards to out-of-school programming, in-school programming, apprenticeships, internships, work study and job shadowing programs.

Our expert panel will consist of:
• St. Petersburg City Councilman, Steve Kornell, Council Vice Chair
• Dr. Cody Clark of Gibbs High School,
• Valerie Scott Knaust of the Morean Center for Clay and,
• Alexander Harris of Midtown Arts Conservatory for Teens (ACT).

After a brief panel discussion there will be a question & answer session where the attendees can present ideas and questions on the topics discussed during the summit.

We are very excited about this opportunity to reach out to and give back to our community and we hope to see you there! Together with the community and the vision of Warehouse Arts District Enclave, these ideas can become reality.


Get your shopping lists ready, Loafers!
It’s time for CL's sixth annual Holiday Auction.

Bidding starts at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 13.

Bid on one-of-a-kind experiences handpicked by Creative Loafing editors!

Past year’s items include:
A private, six-course chef's dinner
A year’s worth of concert tickets at popular Ybor City venues
The cover of Creative Loafing itself

Expect the same level of exciting and unique auction items this year! Auction items will be released in weekly batches from 11/13–2/14.

Auction Schedule:
Week 1: Thursday, Nov. 13 - Sunday, Nov. 23
Week 2: Thursday, Nov. 20 - Sunday, Nov. 30
Week 3: Thursday, Nov. 27 - Sunday, Dec. 7
Week 4: Thursday, Dec. 4 - Sunday, Dec. 14

On Nov. 13, in the annual Holiday Issue, CL will publish a catalogue of the items in this year’s auction and open the bidding online at Bidding on all items will remain open until Dec. 14. Get festive and be sure to start bidding early and often!

All proceeds to benefit The Children's Home, Inc. Over the past five years, CL has raised nearly $80,000 for The Children’s Home, thanks to CL readers and auction bidders. Together, we’ll make 2014 the year we’ve raised over $100,000!

Good luck and happy bidding!

RVSP to this virtual event and tell your friends!
For more details, visit


“Genesis”, refers to the many subjects that are the origin of the artist, Jason Shiver’s muses. Shiver will display a diverse collection representative of those varied inspirations.

Those who attend the reception November 13, from 5:30 - 7:00 PM will be offered a chance to view an exclusive selection of pieces not included in the month long show.

Viewing hours for the show are Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Photograph courtesy of Jason Fink Photography.

619 Vonderburg Drive, Brandon Florida.

The Centre Gallery in the Marshall Student Center at the University of South Florida will host the After Hours Series Color Your Soul on Nov. 13 from 7-9 p.m. Visitors to the gallery will experience an evening of calming activities utilizing the gallery space.

The activities of the night will be calming yoga, hands on tie dye, and henna applied by USF art students. Bring your own yoga mat and towels for the yoga session headed by Centre Gallery’s own art director, Tina Piracci. For tie dye, bring your own articles of clothing you want dyed. Additionally, sign-up lists will be provided for the henna application. Refreshments will be provided and all activities will be free to all.

The current art exhibit, We go to bed, but we don’t sleep too hard by Adam Farcus, will also be on view.

The Centre Gallery is located on the second floor of the Marshall Student Center in room 2700, at 4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, Fla. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact the Centre Gallery at 813-974-5464.


Thursday, November 13th.


Artist Zenaida Cajahuaringa Rivera will be visiting from Peru. Join us for an intimate opportunity to learn more about the artist and her paintings. Her exhibition "Pintando mis Suenos" opens on November 8, 2014 1018 Central Ave.

This is in Suite B-103 at Sundial.


Davidson Fine Art presents a collection of black and white film photographs by local artist Kirsten Ruginski. Come join us for the opening reception Friday the 14th from 7-10 pm.



50 local vendors showcasing handmade goods
10 craft breweries
3 free kid's activities
Tie dye station (if you bring it, you can tie dye it!)
and more!

Peruse the best of the best when it comes to Tampa Bay crafts, enjoy local and national craft beer, nibble on food truck bites, get creative at a DIY tie dye station, keep the little ones entertained at the kids zone, try your hand at shuffleboard, and relax in a beautiful and historic setting!

Admission into the event is $5; children 12 and under are free. A portion of all proceeds goes to Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Each attendee will receive one complimentary commemorative tote bag with the purchase of admission.

Pets are encouraged, but all animals must be leashed and cleaned up after at all times.

Special thanks to our sponsors: New Belgium Brewing, Iron Yard, Taco Bus, Northeast Animal Hospital, and Pets in the City!

Visit the Crafts & Drafts website at

Craft Beer:
Pair O' Dice Brewing
The Brew Bus - Tampa Bay
Three Palms Brewing
New Belgium Brewing
Coppertail Brewing Co
Rapp Brewing Company
Darwin Brewing Company
St Pete Brewing Company
Two Henrys Brewing Company
Green Bench Brewing Co.

Food Trucks:
Taco Bus
Jimmys Slider Truck
Cake Bus

Crafty Kids Zone:
Morean Arts Center
makeme studio
Face Paint Artiste

Live Screen Printing:
Designs by Creative Loafing
Custom Screen Printing by Saintly Designs

Artisan Vendors:
Angela's Organicas
Armillata Designs
bin52 by cindymadewhat
Birdhouse Designs
Citrus Blossom Brand Scented Soy Candles
Crafting Callie
Dancing Buffalo
Dark Cycle Clothing
Ellison Made
Ethereal Gardens
Everything So Pretty
Fieldtrip Jewelry Design
Franny & Franky Designs
Gigi's Gourmet
Gypsy Thread Vintage
Gypsy Weavings
If I Brewed the World
Inspired South
Jack Squire Jewels
Julie Dye Craft
Kate Kreates
Kelley Love Designs
Lola's Handcrafted
Lotus Leaf Creations
Maravillosa Jewelry Designs
Meredith Myers Designs
Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles
Pergamo Paper Goods
PhoenixFire Designs
Redheaded Stepchild Designs
Rockabilly Revolt
Smith Wicks Soy Candles
something finer
St. Pete Makers
Strands of Sunshine
Sunshine Canning
Tangible Labs
The Conglomerbit
Thistle & Poppy
Thomas Workshop
Thrive Handcrafts
Upcycled Studio
Wildly Loved


Please join us for a discussion on issues of online privacy in art and the everyday!

Link to full schedule:

The MFA is very excited to be co-hosting Tampa Bay screenings of the Creative Time Summit: Sweden with USF CAM!

Screenings begin in Tampa on November 14, followed by a live panel discussion called The Excited City: Public Art, Performance and Interactivity in Tampa Bay.

More screenings will take place at the MFA St. Pete on November 15, followed by a live discussion called The Internet Body: Online Privacy in Art and the Everyday featuring Miami-based artist Jillian Mayer and constitutional law professor Bonnie Silvestri. This talk will address the rise of social media and its impact on everyday life and issues of privacy, or the lack thereof, that are inherent to Internet use. A cash bar will be available at 5pm, and the live discussion will begin at 5:30pm.

Free admission


View of last post without glare from glass and before framing.
Two weeks before my show. Come see this and more in person at my upcoming show.
Enchanted Evil
Mixed media
Chon Mosley / ChoMo


Join us on 11/15/14 from 6-10pm to view prints and other works by BASK. This is BASK's first solo show with Workspace. More details to come. 4501 N. Florida Ave.

The art of cats & dogs.

15% of art sales will benefit FRIENDS of STRAYS.

Johannah O'Donnell
Madison Zalopany
Ceri Watkins
Dylan Marvin
J Michael Taylor
Victoria Berrios
Carrie Matteoli
John Suarez
Lauren Gentry
Jake Troyli
Casey Paquet
Kristin Esch
Kristi Capone
Coralette Damme
Adriaan Mol
Lisa Leone
Jeffrey Sincich
Sara McClarnon
Joseph Ieracitano
Mason Schwake
Julie Brookins
Melisa Taylor
Derek Donnelly
Phillip Clark
Robert Phelps

Carol Davis
RJ Runas
Mike Rozak
Tonny Ayers
Ilya Zobanov
Sue Woodall
David Cabasa
Salvatore James
Daniel Barojas
Olive Farrell
Marc Levasseur
Vanessa Culver
Jess Saxon
Jameson Wilkins
Brianna Kole
Missy Roll
Stephanie McKee
Mitchell Goodrich
Plinio Pinto
Alicia Marie
Spencer Mack
Travis Hise
Sommer Paquet
Melissa Catrambone
Joseph Burnsed
Mikey Lambert
Joanna Ledingham


Celebrate local indie and used bookstores all day long with special literary happenings at each store.

Then after the shops close, join us for the Florida Bookstore Day after party, which will feature local authors and small presses selling their work, a Lucha Libro Tampa Bay exhibition match (where anyone can throw their hat in the ring!), an open mic, Great Literature Mad Libs, an open mic, performances by Stand-Up Librarian Meredith Myers and Y Los Dos Pistoles, the Bluebird Books Bus, NOMADstudio, prizes and more!

Authors, small presses and other vendors can rent space for a table for a $10 donation. Bring your own table. RSVP at

Entry is a $5 donation.

Florida Bookstore Day is a statewide event organized and sponsored by Wordier Than Thou.




Saturday, November 8, 2014

This Instertellar Weekend, November 8

It's a 2nd Saturday, so everything in St Petersburg is open and h-o-t. I'll be attempting to break my record of venues (24) as well.

Amsterdam can Jam. 1049 Central 3PM to 3AM (Sunday).
Spray cans! (Muralists painting)
Beer cans! (Specials all day)
Donate cans! (Bring canned goods for TBD)

The wall is going white again and we’re having a MURAL competition!

12 artists designing and creating on the spot!
• 4pm start painting
• 9pm stop painting
• Winner announcement between 9:30-10pm.

Muralists competing are…..
1. James Oleson
2. Zulu Painter
3. Matt Callahan
4. Jenipher Chandley
5. Reid Jenkins
6. Alexander Dropcloth
7. John Jairo Suarez
8. Justin Wager
9. Aurailieus Artist
10. Derek Donnelly
11. Scott Hillis
12. KF/Kayef

Also each artist is bringing a canvas to be auctioned. This is NOT a silent auction so be prepared for some interesting fun!

Inside gallery event featuring 20+ artists – tba
Art vendors as well - tba
Cornhole competition!

Music outside from 3-9pm by DJ Kalani
Music inside from 10pm-2am by TBD



Visiting Peruvian artist Zenaida Cajahuaringa Rivera (Huarochiri 1963) will be present and paint during Second Saturday Art Walk . Zenaida's paintings convey her fantasies and dreams of oral narratives, myths and stories of the mountains through visual language." In her paintings, you'll see large mysterious and symbolic trees, colorful ribbons, flags, balloons, gifts, fruits, flowers and more......
5-9 PM Feathered Serpent Gallery, 1018 Central Ave,


All new rag dolls, spool dolls, one of a kind art pieces and many beautiful Trinkets from Heaven made by Jennifer Kosharek.



Creative Clay's Good Folk Gallery debuts "Gatherings," an exhibit featuring collections of friends and holiday homecomings.

Live music and refreshments will make for a wonderful holiday shopping shopping experience, where visitors can purchase holiday ornaments and unique gifts.

Creative Clay also welcomes the Blue Ocean Film Festival and BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit patrons. On display also will be ocean-themed artwork available for purchase.

1114 Central.


Looking for that perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table or maybe a new platter and matching gravyboat for your turkey, we have it. Need some great gift ideas for that hard to buy for person in your life, look no further then Charlie Parker Pottery. With over 12 artists to choose from we have something for everyone.

2728 6th Ave S, 5-9  Charlie Parker Pottery 

Dysfunctional Grace Art Company

A visceral photographic journey into the face of death!



St. Petersburg's Second Saturday ArtWalk with over 40 galleries and studios in the Waterfront Arts District, Central Arts District, The EDGE District of St. Petersburg, Grand Central District Association and the Warehouse Arts District come together as one arts destination. Along with dozens of St Petersburg art venues, ArtWalk will be broadened for this one month to celebrate the BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit.

Featuring ocean themed art work, visitors will be the first to see new affordable works of art, as ArtWalk is Opening Night where many galleries and studios premiere new works. Some are only open on ArtWalk, and many offer demonstrations and refreshments. It’s impossible to take in the entire ArtWalk in one night! Plan to drive, walk, or take the trolleys to visit the districts of your choice.

Our free trolley shuttles will have an art guide on board talking about each venue on our one continuous trolley loop that goes from the 3rd Street and Central Avenue to deep in the heart of the Warehouse Arts District. You can park for free on 1st Ave N and 1st Ave S from 15th St to 30th Street. Additional parking will be available for trolley riders in the vacant lot at the Northeast corner of Central Avenue and 29th Street (Please note that this is NOT one of our trolley stops). In addition, venues with large free parking lots are Soft Water Studios, the Morean Center for Clay at the Train Station, the Clay Center of St. Petersburg and the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum.

Duke Energy is our sponsor. The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, the Arts Association St. Petersburg Inc., the EDGE District, the Grand Central District, and the Warehouse Arts District associations coordinate St. Petersburg’s Second Saturday ArtWalk.

Handmade, one of a kind, unique, local art make excellent gifts! It’s impossible to take in ArtWalk in one night so please download the map for a list of participants to plan your artful evening. Browse, watch and purchase “Where Art is Made”!

Trolley starts here at 5pm
Craftsman House Gallery – 2955 Central Avenue - In celebration of Blue Ocean Film Festival the gallery is transformed into an Ocean of Art. Select American artists have been invited to show their works related to the ocean - fish, octopus, mermaids, coral, anemone, etc. Ocean Art in blown glass, clay, jewelry, wood, metal, paintings, paperweights, tiles, lamps, silk scarves, … Representing over 300 American Artists. Ocean inspired snacks. Play a round in the Go Fish card tournament, to benefit our local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.

Charlie Parker Pottery – 2724 6th Avenue S. – Handmade for the Holidays. Looking for that perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table or maybe a new platter and matching gravyboat for your turkey, we have it. Need some great gift ideas for that hard to buy for person in your life, look no further then Charlie Parker Pottery. With over 12 artists to choose from we have something for everyone.

Zen Glass Studio – 600 27th Street South - Enjoy live glassblowing, auctions, demonstrations and a gallery show of our newest creations. Featuring the works of Zen Glass artists Joshua Poll, Dave Walker, and Christian Zvonik

Funktionhouse Urban Lumber & Furnishings – 562 25th St. S - One-of-a-kind quality wood furnishings and lighting. Also supply unique slabs, turning blanks, and lumber to artists and craftsmen world-wide using urban trees cut down and discarded from St. Pete neighborhoods. Love for wood and passion for the environment is translated into beautiful warm, modern, and elegant designs.

Duncan McClellan Glass – 2342 Emerson Avenue South - "A Cut Above", featuring glass sculptures by Chattanooga's Kerrick Johnson and Philadelphia's Jon Goldberg. Free glass blowing demonstrations by the visiting artists.

Trolley starts here at 5pm
Clay Center of St. Petersburg - 420 23rd Street South – Buy a plate build your own pizza from our pizza bar. All proceeds go to the Kind Mouse. Who provides PAC a sack for children on the weekends. Throwing demonstrations. Handbuilding demonstrations.

Soft Water Studios - 515 22nd Street South - Anita Wexler will be the featured artist. The working studios of our resident artists,Carrie Jadus, Clifford Holensworth, Mark Aeling, Paul Glass, Carrie Jadus, Wendy Durand and Katee Tully, will be open to the public during this event.

Mga Sculpture Studio – 515 22nd Street South - A commission driven sculpture facility that specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of sculptural objects in a variety of mediums from cartable materials to metal fabrication. Currently working on several large scale commissions for local private entities and across the country.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum – 2240 9th Avenue S. - My Soul is a Witness by Prof Archie Boston. A retrospective exhibition from 1963 to present. Free prints, posters, & books will be raffled off. Live music.
The hub for African American art and culture in St. Petersburg.

Gallerie 909 – 909 22nd Street South - In honor of Thanksgiving, this show will celebrate Native Americans and Africans.

Morean Arts Center Clay Studio – 420 22nd Street South - Rolling out the BLUE carpet at the opening of it’s 2014 Biennial Plate Show. Over 100 juried plates created by amazing clay artists from all over the country. Also on display and sale is ocean and sea life inspired pottery created by local artists.

Richard Clark and Jim Corp - Five Deuces Galleria Building - 420 23rd Street South - Paper and paint, prints and canvas.

Nancy Smrekar Art Studio - 2135 3rd Avenue South, Unit #5, Five Deuces Galleria Garden Building. Featuring acrylic/oil paintings in impressionism, realism, and abstract styles by emerging artist Nancy Smrekar.

St. Petersburg Opera Company - 2145 1st Ave South - An exhibit of paintings by Mirella Cimato Smith that is themed in conjunction with our upcoming production of Neapolitan Festival / Pagliacci. Mirella is Italian by birth and her work is very colorful and lively. It is well suited to the idea of an Italian street festival.

Creative Clay – 1114 Central Avenue - Live music and the largest folk art collection in the region. On exhibit will be ocean themed artwork in addition to our exhibit, The Good Folk Show. Shop for holiday gifts, crafts and ornaments.

Feathered Serpent Gallery - 1018 Central Avenue - International artist Zenaida Cajahuaringa visiting from Lima, Peru and her exhibition "Painting my Dreams" with nature and magic-filled images. Cajahuaringa will also be doing a watercolor demonstration. Peruvian jewelry and handicrafts.

Michele Tuegel Contemporary – 320 Central Avenue - Good Cheer! A Holiday Fiesta. From holiday cards designed by artists to gift-priced, handmade work in clay, jewelry, wood, fiber, glass … to fine, collectible artworks – by over 100 artists throughout the country --the selection for the holidays is a delight. Come join us for refreshments and lots of good cheer!

The Gallery – 200 Central Ave S. (entrance on 1st Avenue South across from Midtown Sundries) - A wave to the ocean! Come view aquatic themed artwork by gallery artists. Florida Mangroves to the Keys by Carlton Ward Jr., abstract expressions of the sea by Timothy Raines, & our “Blue Heron” bronze by the late Dennis Anderson.

SHAPIRO'S Gallery – 300 Beach Drive NE. Showcasing blown glass by over 25 American Artists. Featuring Buzz Blodgett: Blown glass inspired by the beauty of the breaking waves in Southern California.

Florida Craftsmen, Inc. – 501 Central Avenue – Florida CraftArt’s holiday extravaganza! The ultimate shopping experience with fine jewelry, clay, glass, ornaments & more handcrafted by Florida’s most talented artists.

Art on 1st – 550 First Avenue North – Two Artists, Two Visions - See featured works by nationally recognized artists, Mary Alice Braukman and Jean Grastorf

Graphi-ko Gallery/ Jewelry – 669 Central Avenue - Stone carver Shawn Moore will be working on one of his latest pieces in alabaster. Shawn is a native of Halifax NS Canada. His art is heavily influenced by Haida and Inuit art with a mix of his own ideas and themes. His two main themes seem to revolve around figure work and purely abstract. He welcomes any interested folks to drop by to watch and talk.

St. Pete ArtWorks -- 635 Central Ave - A cooperative art gallery with guest artist exhibitions and multimedia events. Featured Exhibition: "Transparencia" by Lourdes Rosas-Rasdall.

Strands of Sunshine – 8 Sixth Street N - Kick off your holiday shopping with our handcrafted jewelry and locally sourced goods! Special event: Kosharek art pop up show featuring a wide variety of small gift items and art pieces by artist Jennifer Kosharek, along with a new collection of rag dolls made from original printed fabric, wool, bamboo, vintage and designer fabrics.

Morean Arts Center – 719 Central Avenue - There’s No Time Like the Presents: 2014 Holiday Show and Sale. Find a unique work of art for everyone on your holiday shopping list created by members of the Morean! Ornaments, stocking stuffers, jewelry, functional pottery, and other items for gift giving for every taste and price range, all from local artists.
Thomas Murray: This is Our Garden
In his most recent series of paintings, Thomas Murray uses flowers and figures to provide the vehicles for an exploration in decorative pattern which carries with it a subtle critique of the ownership of deities. A consummate painter and draftsman, this is Murray’s third solo exhibition at the Morean in the past 15 years. Gallery talk with Thomas Murray at 5pm followed by the reception.

ARTicles Art Gallery & Custom Framing - 1445 Central Avenue - Presenting the 2nd installment of Nathan Beard's exhibition UPWARD SPIRAL: Studies in Rhythm. Including new work and early studies from the Exit Music series. A friendly and approachable gallery for everyone to discover and support local art, presenting a revolving showcase of great new work by some of St Pete's best.

1of1 Customs / QRubini – 1701 1st Avenue North - Custom painted anything – Rasta puts paint where it ain’t. Rasta has painted over 2500 custom shoes, handbags, etc. Also, handcrafted leather handbags and hand smocked children’s wear by QRubini. Stop by for Mo’s Mint Julep Soda Pop. A handcrafted soda pop that will launch this month.

Art Central Studios - Art Central Building, 2109 Central Avenue, 2nd Floor - Six established visual artists - Carol Dameron, Mary Grieco, Frank Lewis, John Bartone, Herb Snitzer and Zala Highsmith, will be showing and speaking about their most recent works.

Grand Central Stained Glass & Graphics – 2401 Central Avenue - An array of terrific glass artists on hand, each working on their current piece - stained glass, fused glass or mosaics! Curious? Want to chat? The students are happy to visit with you, answering questions about the art form and more. Sweet treats, coffees, teas, and cocoa are always available!

Augustine Ludovico Studio & Academy of Art - 2851 1stAve North - Come experience the extraordinary gift of portrait artist, Eckwood Ellison. Seeing his demonstration is a must! The gallery will also display work by James McPhail, Chuck Staunko, the resident artists, and many more.

Our partner associations also have great listings for art events!!
Keep Saint Petersburg Local
• Grand Central District Association
Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association

Choose 4 or 5 to visit this Saturday then come back the next Second Saturday to visit more!



 Feel free to join us in Downtown St. Petersburg for the opening of my solo exhibition at Everything Dolce between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.! 937 Central Ave N. St. Petersburg, FL 33705


A collection of new collaborative works by
John Lichtenstein and Bradley Kokay

Saturday, November 08


Come celebrate St. Pete Day of the Dead Fest with your favorite artists!!!! Octave will be showcasing new works inspired by DOD by several local artists:

Mason SchwackeNaomi Glueck Cassandra Wahuhi Stoic Adam Northrop Reid JenkinsJoe LemireKristin Hemphill Etn ArtLorin WinterKimi TortugaJon FisherMoy LoeraJoel WellsScott HillisSue Woodall Ryan Walker Kristi CaponPamela HoogeboomLesli Pringle Burke Zulu PainterKevin NodlandOwch Street ArtistSamantha Churchill Brooke Dodd John Jairo SuarezDerek Donnelly Ladi Dadi


Musicians, writers and artists will be presenting works inspired by Walt Whitman's seminal work of poetry Leaves of Grass. This Amazing Show will be a benefit to raise funds for Jordan Park Community Garden.

"I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars." --Walt Whitman

$5.00 suggested donation.
Community sponsor is KEEP ST. PETE LIT