Saturday, May 28, 2016

This 4th Saturday in May Weekend, 5/28/2016

Karoline Karp at Artworks

Caroline Karp presents her series inspired from her love of nature, travel and reflection. Just as the poet defines beauty in his writing, Caroline captures it in her artwork. “I am compelled to create a beautiful world around my loved ones and me.” Caroline’s current body of work is an exploration of all different expressions of the mind. It is inspired by her own reflections into her psyche and the beauty which it projects upon the world. Equal measures of excitement and serenity are found within each work, with subtle displays of the intricacies of the ever-elusive human mind. The thick oils of the work are sculpted onto the canvas.



Dazzio Multi-Media Show

This is an annual, multimedia Art show with $1,000 in cash/prizes for each category of: Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Glass, Jewelry and Clay, PLUS a $2,000 cash/prizes for Best in Show.

Wayne David Atherholt, Director of Cultural Affairs wiht the Mayor's office in St. Petersburg, FL will be the 2016 Judge. Atherholt has a Master of Arts from American University in Washington, D.C and a Bachelors of Humanities from Pennsylvania State University. His professional experience includes: Director of Marketing at the Salvador Dali Museum, Vice President of Florida International Museum, CIO of the Morean Arts Center and Executive Director of Museum of Arts and Sciences.



 Join the creative tribe at the fast-growing Pinellas Arts Village & Creative District for the inagural FOURTH SATURDAY Art Night Out on Saturday May 28th 6-9pm.
This monthly community event will feature art openings, artful activities, music, food, literature and more! Exciting and ever-changing, it promises to become a community and art lovers' favorite.

This month, expect events and offerings from the following:
Studios at 5663
Wordier Than Thou
Swartz Art
Complete Sweet Shoppe
Vince Pompei
Pinellas Park Art Society
Bottles Pub
Grumpy's Garage
Derek Donnelly Live/Work Container Unit & Gallery
...and more!
The list is growing so check back with us often.

This event is free and open to the public. All ages are welcome.

 5663 Park Blvd, Pinellas Park.





Celebrate opening weekend of the new film "Alice Through the Looking Glass" with a visit to Bloom's real-life artistic Wonderland!

Journey down the rabbit hole and immerse yourself in Alice's world, as our interactive art installations transport you to impossible places.

8 p.m. to midnight
Costumes encouraged!
DJ and beer/wine/refreshments
$ 5 admission

Email questions to

Current participating artists include:
Andrea Pawlisz, Andres Taborda, Ashley Sweet, Boo Ehrsam, Brandy Stark, Brooklyn, Cam Parker, Christopher Wharton, Derek Donnelly, Emily Stone, Erik Jasek, Freddie Fred, H. Sloane Adams, James Oleson, Jeanette St. Amour, Lissa Hatcher, Maureen McDole, Michael Wayne, Mitzi Gordon, OWCH, Reid Jenkins, Rheannon Cheri, Scott Hillis, Sebastian Coolidge, Svetlana Licciardi, THIRST, Tyler Weiss, Whitney Holbourn, Zulu Painter, and more to be announced.




Saturday, May 14, 2016

This Film and Files Weekend, May 14th

Art Show Reception
13 artists ONE show.
Inspired by music, dance, wine and food. The Pleasures of Life.
Minimum Consumption Required. Tapas and a drink recommended.

513 N. Florida Ave.


The Studio@620 invites you to experience two very unique art exhibitions. "That Child of Always" by April Hartley features modern textile interpretations of childlike images while "Paintings from LAla Land" by Eva Avenue express the surging vibrancy of Los Angeles through the medium of watercolor.
Each exhibit will transport you to places familiar, foreign, nostalgic and new.

“That Child of Always” by April Hartley

That Child of Always is a new body of work by textile artist, April Hartley, that turns traditional embroidery on its head while exploring how children who are experiencing hardship or trauma express themselves when they may not have the vocabulary to do so. Hartley began carefully transforming collected children’s drawings into embroidery on fabric when several children in her life were facing difficult circumstances, which flooded her with memories of her own childhood and that feeling of voiceless-ness that comes with being a kid.

Hartley connects embroidery, which is permanent, precious, and inherently tied to the household, symbolizing order and light-heartedness, like the “Home Sweet Home” piece on grandma’s wall, to the temporary nature of a child’s sketch, something often dismissed, and to the lasting effect of childhood.

Along with the original embroidery works, the exhibit will include site-specific embroidery installations, and will also officially launch the series’ accompanying art book, also titled That Child of Always. The book was created with funds from an Individual Artist Grant awarded by the St Pete Arts Alliance. The artist will donate books sales to the Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Florida.

April Hartley, a Florida native, lives and works in St Petersburg, FL. Her art practice explores traditional textile methods through a contemporary lens, reflecting her appreciation for modernity while longing for tradition and ritual at the same time. She received her BFA from Florida International University in Miami.

Learn more about April Hartley:

“Paintings From LAla Land” by Eva Avenue

While living in Los Angeles in March and April 2016 to attend a neon art/sign workshop, Eva Avenue painted a new series of large vibrant imaginal cell watercolors. Surging and falling through the energy fields of these paintings done around L.A., imaginal cells are nature's bio-units of resilience and change. She creatively uses them to represent the units of energy making up solid matter, reminding us that everything is alive, empty and full of music. Her neon art sign, designed and executed at Lili Lakich Neon Studio in L.A.'s Arts District, is also in the show.

Learn more about Eva Avenue:

Opening Reception: Saturday May 14, 2016 / 5-9 PM

Closing Reception & Artist Talk: Saturday June 11, 2016 / 5-9 pm -- Artist Talk at 7:30 PM

Additional gallery hours by appointment, call 727-895-6620
Admission is Free







Thursday, May 12, 2016

Theo Wucjik Estate show at Michele Tuegel Gallery.

Theo Wucjik Paintings from the Estate @ Michele Beckman Tuegel. Theo's widow, Susan Johnson, gave an informed talk. A very well-attended show.



On pricing your Art

On pricing your art.
Learning how to price art is a vital skill. Learning how to price art right takes thought, research and dedication to your craft.|By Barney Davey


Three Years Ago, Artists' portraits

Three years ago
Six artist's portraits from 2nd Saturday...
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Vigee Le Brun, 1700's Portraitist.

View Le Brun, woman portraitist during the 1700's.
The daughter of a pastelist and a hairdresser, Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (1755–1842) painted and befriended Marie Antoinette, escaped the horrors of the French Revolution, and forged a career …

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The 700 Euro Renoir.

The 700 Euro online Renoir.
Lyon resident Ahmed Ziani, who has been buying and selling art after losing his job as a mechanic, may have stumbled across a long-lost masterpiece by French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir.



Francois Morellet dies.

Francois Morellet, painter, sculptor and pioneering neon artist has passed.
Co-founder of kinetic and optical art collective Grav worked with neon for the past six decades

Seven Mountains - Ugo Rondinone's Las Vegas Desert Installation.

Seven Magic Mountains in the Las Vegas desert. Public works.
Ugo Rondinone's captivating public art exhibition in the Nevada desert will be unveiled on Wednesday.

Spring auction sales are down at Sotheby's

Don't be fooled by the smaller Christie's sale, and its great Basquiat.
Sotheby’s reported a much deeper-than-expected loss in the first quarter of the year as the company reported a 35% decline in net auction sales.|By Anne Steele

Magnum Photo Contest

Photographers! A huge opportunity for global recognition opens on the eve of Magnum Photos's 70th year — show us your work!
Magnum Online Exhibition, Prestigio...
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Open to ALL! Portrait, Street, Documentary, Photojournalism, Fine Art and Open categories. Students Welcome. Celebrate 70 years of Magnum Photos with us!|By LensCulture

Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Neighbors 2 Weekend, May 7, 2016

Opening Reception: Noon - 6:00pm
The top ceramic artists from across the US have been invited to participate. Over 50 unique, handmade teapots on display & available for purchase! These aren’t your grandma’s teapots.

2455 Central Ave. 4-6 PM

Theo Wujcik consistently worked to expand his range in subject and content, enlisting an array of styles that do not always conform to limiting categories. He was prolific and experimental up until his death in March, 2014. Wujcik’s paintings are multilayered in meaning, subject matter and context, and take time to absorb. Wujcik was and remains an iconic figure in the Tampa Bay cultural scene, and his legacy will continue to exert an impact on subsequent generations.

From 1972 until his retirement in 2003, Wujcik taught drawing, painting, and printmaking at the University of South Florida in Tampa. From 2000 forward Wujcik articulated more sociopolitical themes in his work, in addition to personal narratives, almost exclusively in large format paintings. The paintings in this exhibition were curated by his widow, Susan Johnson, and represent pieces from a variety of themes and motifs the artist pursued.

Events are free and open to the public. Susan Johnson will present an informal talk at 7 p.m. Please join us!

Regular gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday 11am-6pm. The exhibition will be on view through June 4, 2016.