Saturday, September 27, 2014

Reflections on Carmada.

I read the Creative Loafing issue on this weekend's CARMADA event, by David Zane Morris, and a couple of things stood out...

It's a small club dominated by men, like most art. The cars being shown this weekend are by James Oleson, Derek Donnelly, the ubiquitous Sebastian Coolidge, one by Hunter Payne, and apparently one by Joshua T. Pearson. When Carmada showed at the Gasparilla Art Show, there were cars by two women, one of them Jennifer Kosharek, whose "Gretchen" is not at this show (it may not be running).

Derek Donnelly asserts that he was the first to spray paint an art car in St. Petersburg. Maybe he meant spray can. Those who are not aware of history think they invented it, but there were art cars (Ok, mostly vans) in Saint Petersburg as early as the late 1970's. and they were spray painted, mostly with airbrushes.

It is a good article and cover, and I will be at the show very soon...

--- Luis

This As above, so below Weekend, Sept 27th

Getting cooler, slightly cooler, inching towards Fall, which is a good thing...still behind.

We are happy to announce that the NOMAD Art Bus will be participating in Creative Pinellas' CARMADA event in downtown St. Pete.

It's all day Saturday, September 27th. You don't want to miss this FREE event.

CARMADA is a local celebration of the international art car movement. The waterfront plaza will be invaded by art cars from our community, and the Art Bus will be there so you can exercise your own creative inspiration in or ON the bus.

More info from the official CARMADA event page:
The art car movement takes over St. Petersburg on Saturday, Sept. 27 when CARMADA rolls into the Plaza at the Duke Energy Center for the Arts, between the Salvador Dali Museum and Mahaffey Theater.

This special event, a partnership between Creative Pinellas and the City of St. Petersburg, will present custom art cars by regional artists, live painting, interactive projects and crafts from community arts organizations, and more.

While artists transform cars into mobile artwork live on site, visitors can learn about the State of the Arts specialty license plate (which helps fund local arts agencies) and feast from food trucks as DJ Blenda spins.

CARMADA event proceeds will jointly benefit Creative Pinellas, Class Acts Performance Series arts education for school children, and professional local artists. A $5 suggested donation at the door includes free craft activities. (VIP ticket information coming soon.)

Current confirmed participating CARMADA artists include Sebastian Coolidge, Derek Donnelly, James Oleson, Stephen Palladino, Hunter Payne, Joshua Pearson, and the NOMADstudio Art Bus.

Current confirmed community partners representing at CARMADA include Mahaffey Theater, The Dali Museum, Raymond James Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Dunedin Fine Art Center, Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida and Keep Saint Petersburg Local, with more to be announced.

Save the date for this exciting event, and be there when the rubber hits the road in St. Petersburg!

CARMADA is sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, by Ferman BMW/MINI, and by Red Bull. Opportunities are still available; please contact for information.



A pop up solo show of new, small scale work by John Taormina.
Saturday, September 27th @ Octave
Starts at 7pm
Featuring the music of Astari Nite
Along with Autarx & First Born Souls


Chalet Comellas, Kaitlin Crockett, Lyman Edwards, Bridget Elmer, and Christina Poindexter invite you to experience and participate in the beginning of a series of art events entitled Assembly Is Required (AIR), taking place on September 27th.

This date marks the addition of new artists to the studio, the one-year anniversary of the studio space, and it is the birthday of two of the artists!
Please join us at sunset and be a part of the celebration!

There will be locally crafted beers on hand by Cycle Brewing and Peg’s Cantina. And there’s a very good chance that cake will be involved.




Friends of Tempus Projects:

Monday, September 22nd officially marks the end of summer for 2014. It’s been a long, hot summer and we plenty of reason to make merry. We are happy to dance our way into the fall season, while we celebrate our new 501(c)(3) non-profit status! YAHOO!

Please join us this Saturday, September 27th when Gabe Echazabal DJ’s another mini-fundraiser dance party at Tempus Projects from 9pm - midnight. All proceeds will go toward future programing and operational costs at Tempus Projects for the fall season.

A $5 suggested donation would be greatly appreciated at the door. Refreshments and snacks will be offered. While you are visiting the gallery see “dry” a group exhibition that explores the artists perspective on the basic, varying themes and interpretations of dry....”solid as opposed to liquid”, “lacking embellishment”, “having no personal bias or emotional concern”, in various media. Exhibiting artists include Justin Myers, Ryan de la Hoz, Taylor Finke, Chris Otten, Christina Humphries, Tony Lee, Hildebrando Bellizio, Linda Armstrong, Hector del Campo, Andrea Hope, Elizabeth Plakidas and more.We prefer that you leave your cell phones and cameras at home, secured elsewhere, or stashed away in a locker at Tempus. We insist that we do not see it out during the dance party in the main gallery. So we can all dance and have a good time with out the worry of being forever immortalized shakin’ it on the ‘inter-webs’. It is a NO-MEDIA-Dance-Party at Tempus Projects. Always.

TEMPUS PROJECTS is dedicated to nurturing established and emerging local, national and international artists through exhibitions and events. The project promotes artists working in all media and originates, organizes and hosts exhibitions that engage the Tampa Bay community through the visual arts. Established in 2009, TEMPUS PROJECTS has presented over 43 exhibitions featuring the work of more than 178 artists and collaborators.

Located at 4636 N. Florida Ave.Tampa, Florida 33603 in South Seminole Heights, TEMPUS PROJECTS is highly regarded as cultural catalyst and a neighborhood touchstone. It has contributed greatly to the district’s emergence as a unique and creative local destination. In acknowledgment of its contributions to the arts and the community, Tampa’s Creative Loafing awarded TEMPUS PROJECTS the "Best Alternative Art Space" Loafie award for three consecutive years. TEMPUS PROJECTS has worked in collaboration with Experimental Skeleton, Silver Meteor Gallery, Tampa’s Downtown Partnership, and Creative Loafing.

What: Mini-fundraiser Dance Party ; Public reception/art exhibition, refreshments.
When: Saturday, September 27, 9pm-Midnight
Where: Tempus Projects; 4636 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33603





Saturday, September 20, 2014

This Maze Runner Weekend, Sept 20th-21st, 2014.

I am so far behind...columns to write, posts to finish, events to Mission Impossible. The usual. Stay tuned.....

Saturday, Sept 20th.

17886 N. Hwy 41, Lutz, Florida.

Dozens of pots are raffled off. Proceeds go to the Warehouse Arts District's Artist Enclave Fund.
Buy a bowl & get complimentary pot roast or veggie stew.
Buy a tumbler & get complimentary beer or iced tea.

Saturday, Sept 20th, 4-7 PM, 2955 Central Ave, St Pete.

Art Opening Reception
St Pete ArtWorks, 635 Central, St Petersburg, FL.
Saturday 9/20 6 pm - 9 pm
We have been working the past 2 days hanging my paintings. Yikes!! Its more work than I thought but how cool is this? Here's a preview of one wall. Everyone stop by and enjoy. Free parking, no admission, AND refreshments!


9:00 PM

PARTY & LOCAL HIPHOP ARTIST SHOWCASE with EARL GRAE of the SINISTER SIX DJ's spinning ( & other guests DJ's)
feat. LOCALMUZIK's Crown Marquiss' Ameen MisFit Spade MariSoDope and more from the Local Muzik crew, also Redd Bull and K-d General of the Conscious Conglomerate, and Dancehall music sensation 6 killa


Calling all musicians, artists, dancers, poets, writers, speakers...

"Jam For Peace" at The Studio@620 in St. Petersburg. All musicians, artists, poets, dancers...and the list could continue...are invited to come and share their talents to promote world peace. We will have a keyboard and the ability to play CD's if you have tracks that you would like to bring. There will also be a sound system and ability to hook up guitars or other instruments using standard RCA plugs. The Studio@620 is located at: 620 - 1st Ave South in St Petersburg, FL 33701. The contact phone is (727) 895-6620.

Throughout the evening, we will be connected to the international simulcast of "Peace Cast TV" and be thrilled to watch all of the exciting events, speakers, and celebrities all dedicated to the initiative of world peace.

So, folks, we'd love to have you join us and bring those beautiful voices, poems, musical skills, testimonials, original songs, or anything that you would like to do to help make the international peace initiative heard and celebrated. If you have questions or need further information, please contact Bill at: (954) 288-5369 or via email at




Tuesday, September 9, 2014

As predicted: Caca's Stolen Image Rape Culture Show a Hoax.

Last Thursday, I predicted that Cory Allen, XVALA and CACA gallery were perpetrating a hoax with the Jennifer Lawrence stolen image show and that the show would never open. It won't. Allen and XVALA ended their charade yesterday.

Allen made submoronic statements such as "We found them on Google" about the stolen pictures, and rode the wave generated by 4Chan and the release of the stolen images. Caca's hoax resulted in nearly two million Google hits. 

These two men capitalized on and perpetuated rape culture to gain name recognition (who will remember them a week from now?) all at the expense of women all over the globe.

They were going to reproduce and sell work to which they had no license nor copyright, in their own words, "unaltered". An affront against all artists everywhere.

Allen today, says he was moved by the petitions he received...more than likely by the legal threats that were looming on his horizon.

These two Con men deserve to be ostracized, their gallery boycotted. 

Astonishingly, the majority of the Saint Pete Arts community remained silent during this smarmy episode. The few that spoke up at all were for silent boycotting. We'll see how many show at the opening for the alternate show.

I'm glad to see this hoax come to an end, very unhappy that in almost two million sites, people equate Saint Petersburg with Caca gallery and rape culture. CACA is not a PR gallery, it is a Tabloid gallery, one who has obviously done their marketing in relocating to Saint Petersburg.

This is NOT who we are.

--- Luis

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Publicity stunt regarding Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansen picturesat the expense of the Saint Petersburg arts Community.

The Apple Cloud was recently hacked in a disturbingly simple manner, with private nude photos of several movie stars (Jennifer Lawrence, et al) and celebs stolen. Given the prurient nature of all this, media have been blasting it non-stop in an effort to sell diapers at the break.

Locally, one unscrupulous -- and until now, unknown -- St. Pete gallery, which will not be named in this post, did a press release saying they would host a show in which an artist will be showing prints from these pictures. Immediately, there was a feeding frenzy in the media, giving this obscure gallery incredible international name recognition.

We all know that one court injunction from the lawyers of the women that had their images stolen will stop the show (and the ensuing lawsuit will bankrupt the artist and gallery). It's a low-brow, typical Florida snake oil salesman the expense of the hard-earned credibility of the arts scene in Saint Petersburg.

--- Luis