Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dear Santa, 2012....


 ...  I know that (once again) I haven't been er...maximally good, perhaps edging into the nervous diving board of naughtiness one or twice so far this year. You were probably watching that night by the side of the Venture Compound with your night-vision binoculars, weren't you? Remember, I believed in you long after all my friends stopped. Maybe too long. Anyway, deserving or not, here's my optimist's list for 2012, in no particular order. Yes, it's a longer list this year, I know.

[These are not ratings, only a blogger's personal wish list from a wild year...]

Laura Spencer, "Balshazzar's Feast"

Laura Spencer's "Balshazzar's Feast", shown at the Morean's daring "Burning on Central" blew me away.I remember pausing while doing research during the review, noticing the hair on the back of my neck was standing on end.

Work by John Cage

On the left is one of three Vispo works by John Cage that were in the Tempus Things Not Seen Before  show, originally from his"The Mushroom Book", 1972. These are lithographs, trial proofs outside the edition. About these, Cage said that the viewer was encouraged to hunt for a remark in these works, "as though he were hunting for a mushroom in the forest".  I want this one.


Dominique Lauvabie, "Rock, Water, Woods, Earth".

The portfolio "Rock, Water, Woods, Earth" by Dominique Lauvabie and expertly printed by Erika Greenberg Schneider from Bleu Acier (shown at left with a print) was superb in every way. If I got one, I might take to drinking and spending long hours getting lost in it. There are worse fates...

Josh Simpson, "Megaplanet"

Santa, Josh Simpson's "Megaplanet" series was simply stunning. They look like a glass globe containing a dreamily-colored coral reef. Each is a microverse unto itself, and a metaphor for the Earth. Viewer after viewer stood mute/spellbound, their attention riveted hypnotically by these works as if looking into an organic crystal ball reminding them of the beauty and importance of the world we live in. These are simply stunning. Seen at Duncan McClellan's Distant Visions show.

Saori and crew, Spring Festival

The "Spring Festival" installation may be too much to ask for, probably wouldn't fit down the chimney (if I had one) and I don't know where I could put it, but.... So many people worked on this... Saori assembled a first-rate crew and they did something extraordinary in a tiny space. Here is the link to the original review: [Link]

Neverne Covington, "Night Swim"

Anything by Neverne Covington, but this one, titled "Night Swim"  is an intoxicating piece... the kind you want to dream yourself into, for what it depicts, its mysterious, symbolic nature, and lush, sensuous colors. 

I noticed that last year the Aston Martin did not appear in my driveway on Christmas morning. Santa, you know I always have miles to go before I type, let alone sleep, what with the frequent commute to St. Pete. Just in case the depre-re-cession is lifting and there's room in the sled this year, how about a little Alfa Romeo by Novitec? This one would make a decent Art Taco Mobile.

One of the highlights of this year for me was Global Sketchbook Day at Eve N Odd. Jennifer Kosharek was kind enough to take the time to show me a treasure trove of her own notebooks, including one that no one else had ever seen at the time. I was blown away by the quality, the deep humanism, and figurative transparency of the work. Any of them...


Nancy Cervenka, "Dress"

 Anything by Nancy Cervenka, but this "Dress", from HCC Dale Mabry's Gallery 221's "Film on Film" show would be spectacular. I might even promise to be good for all of 2013. Ok, most of it...

Steven Kenny, "Sunrise"

 Santa, Steven Kenny's "Sunrise", a female nude floating in the sky above a forest would be nice.   Her hair is blown back as if she is falling out of dreamland and back into her physical body, much like most viewers will when they walk away from the painting. From (sniff) Salt Creek's "Dual" Show.

Work by EddiE haRA

"Postcards from the Alps" a series of mail art works made on actual postcards sent to his girlfriend, by EddiE haRA, who hails from Indonesia, are a fusion of several cultures & styles. I want this very one. There are tribal indigenous Indonesian mythological motifs, graffiti/street art, and clear western influences. This was at the "Rock, Paper and Scissors" show at Mindy Solomon back in January 2012.

Thanks for reading my list, Santa...the macadamia cookies and cream will be out waiting for you and the reindeer.

--- Luis

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