Monday, December 17, 2012

Derek Donnelly One-Man Show at Saint Paint

Derek Donnelly and his Saint Paint gallery [Link] have carved out a space in the Saint Pete art landscape. Derek paints celebrity portraits, many from pivotl moments and/or gestures in cinema. This show was of his own work, many of them new pieces, and he managed to put this together while painting the Woo portrait at the Woomorial and coordinating the additions by other artists and the finishing of the mural by the public on the same day as the opening of this show. 

Derek Donnelly, "Foot Massage"

 On the left we see a dual portrait of Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction. The title, "Foot Massage" is from a line in the movie delineating the reason their boss, Marsellus, f*cked up a guy. Not for having sex with his wife, but for giving her a foot massage. Note the stylized faces, a hallmark of Derek's portraits.

Derek Donnelly, "Fifth Element"

  The Savior takes an unusual form in the "Fifth Element" as Leeloo, a young woman whose purpose is to save Humanity by remind us of who we are and what our mission is. Here she has assumed her fighting stance. Self-assured, fearless, with a "bring it" attitude and gesture.

Derek Donnelly, "Dude"

A classic Cheech and Chong moment as they carom their way through the hazy life. Their faith and determination overcome their hurdles, inner and outer. Note the subtle colors.

Derek celebrates the humanity and passion of these characters and the people who play them and their role as icons. On the left is a photo of Derek by the Woomorial, showing his paint-splattered hand. Besides his artistry, he is a natural-born leader who has earned the respect of others and acted as a strange attractant to many other artists in the community.

 Congratulations, Derek.

--- Luis

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