Friday, December 14, 2012

Peace: The Artist and the World Exhibit @ Creative Clay

Green Christmas Goddess/Ms. Claus

Creative Clay is one of these places where magic goes on in a regular basis. The focusing of human energies into art that is far greater than the sum of its parts via the talent, vision and discipline of their artists and mentoring by artists like Calan Ree and Missy Roll.

In Peace: The Artist and The World, the theme was the inner and outer worlds of peace.

I loved the Christmas figure at left at Creative Clay. Festive, feminine and powerful.

Robert D's "Tressle Stream" 

 Robert D's "Tressle Stream" is a landscape from an aerial perspective. Fish swim lazily, some in a semi-circle. The trestle bridges the black stream to the side where a house is, warm in pink with a white (snowy?) roof. Trees grow rooted and green. I want to know that place.

Sheryl L. "Starlight Palm"

A lone palm with gold-green fronds glows, floating against the starry evening sky in Sheryl L's "Starlight Palm". Azure flying buttresses hold it up. It looks so familiar....

Lawrence J, "My Parents' Backyard"

Lawrence J.'s "My Parents' Backyard" begs the question: Is this Heaven? No, but it is a haven. A beautiful, peaceful magical place, with the moon rising over the house, trees looking like dancing Muses and overhead a string of stars bouncing in the evening sky.

Nicole, "Universe"

Nicole's "Universe" consists of one small yellow circle in the upper left that is either a projection of or is projecting a donut-shaped form of the same color with a hole of the same size. Below is a sinuous red line, apparently reacting to the donut figure. Like many works of art, this one has its secrets. Walk right up to it, I mean inches away, and look around the edges of the donut and the red ribbon and you will notice little fuzzy things.

Look closer.

Detail of "Universe"

I took a close-up to show that Nicole has drawn tiny figures along the edges, as if they are on a roller coaster. They do not look fearful, but absorbed. They are all of us, you and me.

 I took home several small works in card form, some of which are shown at left. There are so many wonderful works of art in this show that I feel like I am shortchanging my readers by not showing more, but all I can say is go and see this exhibit.

Congratulations to all the artists, Missy Roll, Calan Ree and the rest of the Creative Clay crew for a very good show.

--- Luis

Peace: The Artist and the World Exhibit @ Creative Clay - The theme inner and outer worlds of peace.  Creative Clay's Good Folk Gallery is at 1124 Central Avenue, St. Pete. Free admission.

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