Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inspired Adornments @ Duncan McClellan Glass, Sat Dec 8th

Entrance to Duncan McClellan Glass
Inspired Adornments @ Duncan McClellan Glass was a continuation of the John Brekke show reviewed here earlier [Link] plus the work of many jewelry makers, including Leslie Belcher
Ashley Burke, Maria L. Damico, Angela Dickerson, Lisa Jacquemetton, Johnna Moser, Cindi Samaha, Carole Shelton,  Debbie Sierchio, & Lesley Tinnaro.


 I went and checked in on the hot shop building out back. Duncan brought out this beautiful multihued glass bowl that had been made there. In the picture at left one of the shop assistants is shown holding it. On the right is a large kiln that is under construction.

Work by Carole Shelton

On the right are two pieces of jewelry from her Music Makers' Collection by Carole Shelton. Somewhat abstracted musical instrument forms in silver.

In Duncan McClellan Glass Gallery

Work by Leslie Tinnaro

On the left are two forged silver bracelets by Lesley Tinnaro. Textured, process-narrated, elegant and very well-made.

On the left and right is work by Cindi Samaha who handmakes artisan jewelry as seen here.

Congratulations to all the artists and Duncan McClellan and his crew for a good show.

--- Luis

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