Monday, December 31, 2012

Warehouse Art District Evening, 12/15/2012, Part I: Zen Glass

For its 1st Birthday, the Venture Compound (VC) had a block party that was shared on the same evening with the Black Valley Coalition and Zen Glass.

Zen Glass celebrated their first kiln, which will enable them to make blown glass on a larger scale. The artists at ZG have been ready for this for a long time.

This little kiln keeps the blowpipes nice and toasty.

The Zen Glass Buddha

Zen Glass was decked out for Christmas, with a tree, cookies and lasagna on hand, and lots of glass.

Seen in the showroom.

Zen Glass Design drawing

Zen Glass, work station.

 Congratulations to Zen glass on their new kiln, and for a wonderful evening.

--- Luis

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