Thursday, December 13, 2012

Woo Memorial Mural Saturday, Dec. 8th. Part I

The Woomorial, as it has been dubbed, an organic collaborative, loving mural celebrating the life of Bill Correira Woo, a beloved Saint Petersburg artist who passed away a few weeks ago. On Saturday, Dec. 8th, the public was invited to participate by contributing to the mural. A steady stream flowed through all day and well into the night. Here are some pictures.

On the left, what looks like a coral reef was painted via the applications of hands dipped in paint.

This toothy, grinning eel was painted by Laura Spencer.

Work by Alex Glueck/STOIC

Work by Frank Strunk III

Crab by Rasta/Geary Taylor
Fish by Chainsaw Chuck

Mermaid by Jenipher Chandley
Scott Hillis working on his contribution to the mural
End Part I

--- Luis

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