Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Conversation With Trees: Daniel Blignaut @ 620

Daniel Blignaut is an architect and artist (Mishou Sanchez, in Tampa, is another). About this series, he says: "My work unabashedly aims to achieve aesthetic beauty by evoking a primal fascination with the allure of gold and the aesthetic pleasure of color, pattern and texture — as evident throughout human visual history". Also, " I employ something similar to an Iconographic template to portray their presence, complexity, and majesty. I use trees as a metaphor for the human condition — for instance, the visual measure of the passage of time, the seasonal cycle of death and rebirth, and the diversity of personalities."

Daniel Blignaut, "White Plus Red Makes Black"

These paintings look like mosaics. Gridded like graph paper, each square acts in a pixel-like manner. The grid accentuates the organicity of the arboreal forms. There are levels and layers in many.

Daniel Blignaut, "First Snow".

On the left we see "First Snow", where the passage of time and turning of the seasons enter the picture figuratively. Note how heavily structured this work is.

Daniel Blignaut, "Final Chapter"

Congratulations to Daniel Blignaut and the Studio at 620 for an interesting show.

--- Luis

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