Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seen/Scene: First Artissin Party/Show

The Artistry in Motion: An Urban Arts Expo Party/Show at David Austin's Artissin was a hit. Probably one of the best attended first events in the arts in years in St. Pete. Here are a few pictures...

Stoic (aka Alex Glueck) prepares spiritually to begin one of his skull paintings.

There were several artists live painting that evening.

This work on the left was being painted live by Lars-Erik Robinson. For more see here: [Link]. On the right, Lars and the Renegade Fashion Blogger, Xina Scuderi

On the left is Cheeta Chad Ruis live painting. He told me he spent time in Hawaii and this painting is informed by that. For more, see here: [Link].

Bill Drugan and friend

Kyle G. kept the vibe flowing.

Madonna and Child?

Gallerists Derek Donnelly & Jennifer Kosharek

Work by Stoic

Congratulations to all the artists, dancers, participants Austin David and his Crews for a stellar evening.

--- Luis

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