Monday, February 4, 2013

Come Together: Art Wars @ The Emerald Lounge

This is the second Art Wars show at the Emerald Lounge, located at 550 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. Last year, Art Taco was there [Link]. This year, the same artists had work in this show: Jenipher Chandley, Chuck Majewski, Derek Donnelly  and Auralieus Artist.

The show at the Emerald Lounge

Jenipher Chandley, "Slight of Hand"  

 On the left is "Slight of Hand", by Jenipher Chandley. A male hand pulls a woman's panties down to her ankles. The gesture of the hand and the legs slightly akimbo are about seduction, and it is hard to tell who is seducing who. Note the blue of the man's shirt, the pink topped and blue-soled and the royal purple background.

 "Capitalism Eats the Impoverished", by Aurailieus Artist is a political work that states what everyone knows, and most are afraid to admit.

Derek Donnelly, "American't"

A socio-political work, this one from Derek Donnelly, comparing revenues and deaths from alcohol and marijiuana, using a "Greatest Generation" type character from the '50's, wearing his trout-fishing hat.

 Chainsaw Chuck Majewski used to work for the legendary Ed Roth. He has carried forth the spirit of that style and era and recontextualized it into the present. The work is also connected to nose art, 50's pin-ups and neo-lowbrow art. It is self-referential in that it mocks certain styles while simultaneously referring to them. There's no shortage of buxom, sensuous women in various stereotypical situations.

Cogratulations to all the artists for a good grass-roots show, and to the Emerald for hosting and providing decent lighting to showcase the work.

--- Luis

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