Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bone: A Collective Study @ The Bends

This show at The Bends was a variety of work, ranging from Nicole Morris' taxidermy to 2D art. Here are a few highlights....

Nicole Morris poses with this cannon shell casing candelabra. It was a collaborative work with Frank Strunk III.

Close-up of candelabra.
Work by Madi Tisch.

A photograph of a woman in Zombie make-up with bones, by Madi Tisch.

Work by Laura Spencer.

Laura Spencer showed a herd of cow skulls on wood cut-outs. These had a strong presence both as a group and as individuals

Close-up of the above.

The gem on the left was created by Renee Little. Note the heart-shaped plaque it rests on....

In the back, there are three STOIC skulls...

Congratulations to all the artists and The Bends for a memorable show.

--- Luis

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