Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hunter Payne and Steve Palladino Mural @ 620

This mural went over another by Dan Lasata. That one was done with the understanding that it would be replaced by the one that is the subject of this post.

I've known Steve Palladino for some time. Seen his work in many shows and alleys, and reviewed both here. Hunter Payne has been reviewed here before for his whimsical-looking conceptual drawings.

Both collaborated on this mural at The Studio @ 620. It's been up for over a month. Here are a few pictures...

Hunter Payne-ting

This mural was defaced shortly after being painted, but has since been repaired.

Congratulations to Mssrs. Palladino & Payne on a fine collaboration and to 620 for choosing their muralists wisely.

--- Luis

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  1. <3 :-) Thanks Luis! :-) <3 We're glad you could make it out!!!!!