Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Collections @ Florida Craftsmen.

This show at Florida Craftsmen consists of pieces from various collections. It is odd because it does not really have thematic unity, but there are many interesting pieces in it

Here are a few highlights....

Owen Pach, "RIT Demo"

This sculptural work by Owen Pach is light and airy looking, with subtle colors and the green spiral in the bottom center.

Alan Johnson, "Pinions"

Here we have a work titled "Pinions", by Alan Johnson, that conceptually toys with the idea of functionality. This is a pseudo-functional dress, one that cannot be worn, of course. 
The "cloth" looks very realistic.

This is by Chuck Boux and is titled "Under the Coral Head Lobster".  A beautiful work depicting the lobster and its nemesis, the grouper in the background.

Pete Kuenzel, "Point"

On the left, a slab-built raku boat by Peter Kuenzel, with flat, attenuated color.

Ross Gustafson-Hilton

Ross Gustafson-Hilton's "Tripod Vessel" is a deep and pungent blue with light purples.

Gallery View.

Congratulations to all the artists and Florida Craftsman Gallery for a good show, one very challenging to put together.

--- Luis

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