Monday, January 10, 2011

The Central Avenue Project @ 620 Annex

Central Avenue is the backbone of St Petersburg, leading from the waterfront glitz across the city west, through many divergent areas, some thriving, others barely hanging on, nine miles in all ending at Boca Ciega Bay. The Florida Photographic Collective, a comunity-minded group founded in 2009 by ten photographers, James Anderson, Tim Fritz, Terri Gross, Heather Hickman, Marion Krauthammer, John Mazzello, Eric Seibert, Anne Rogers, Marshall Seiden & Cindy Vicker. Some familiar names are cited as having influenced many of the members of the Collective, names from the Morean/Arts Center staff. The members have completed a project documenting Central avenue and its people. The results are being shown at the 620 Annex gallery.

You can see them here.

AT was at the opening reception on Friday, which was well-attended, and most or all (?) of the photographers were there. The photography is in the documentary style, personal and intensely exploratory.

Through January 29 2011. Crislip Arcade, 645 Central Avenue St. Petersburg. Open Weds-Sat Noon-6 PM.

--- Luis

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