Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black Circle Show @ Dysfunctional Grace

Dysfunctional Grace has been stepping up its game in the past few months. Their current Black Hole show extends this run with a show of art on vinyl records.

Work by Jenipher Chandley

This post-apocalyptic nude in her gas mask, flaming red hair and immolation-colored background is by Jenipher Chandley.

A noir portrait of Neil Young titled "Don't let it bring you down" painted by Derek Donnelly of Saint Paint who uses the round format expertly.

Is Jennifer Kosharek Gretchen's getting her groove back here? Doubtful. Surrounded by blue clouds, waves on one of which her head is cradled and ships rocking on others, a short rainbow, a crying bird, The Crumbcakes upside down in what appears to be a coracle, Gretchen with a heart on her temple looks on, well-rouged and sphinx-y.

Upside down crosses and a skull  made of shards from a broken record give "Fuckin' Metal", by Rob Sexton/Planet Retro a shrill tone.

Congratulations to Dysfunctional Grace for an interesting show.

--- Luis

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