Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Selina Roman's "Please Disturb" solo show at HCC;s 221 Gallery

Opening of Selina Roman 's "Please Disturb" show at HCC's Gallery 221 (Director: Patricia Sriram). Selina checks into various motels, most with classic Floridian touches, dresses (or undresses) her subjects, who are friends. The character of the rooms turns them into subjects as opposed to (the oft-used) temporary studio use by notable fashion photographers. There's a conceptual tension between stereotypical Floridian nostalgia and the contemporary costuming and posing of the subjects. Many have erotic overtones. Some leave the room. It's a subtropical pastiche with a tumultuous, unstable edge that works and is remarkably consistent with tantalizing variations mixed in. Make time to take in this show.

--- Luis

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