Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Student Survey: USF, UT and HCC Ybor, Part I: HCC Ybor

  Every year our Universities and Colleges churn out another crop of graduates. The stark reality is that about five per cent of them will be working in the arts a decade from graduation. That's sad, but Art is a very difficult way to make a living. In no way is this series of reviews to be taken as any kind of comparison, or as a comprehensive survey, only as a peek at potential emerging artists. The USF was an MFA show, the UT a BA show, and HCC Ybor an AA.  All of these shows are already closed. I saved the reviews until I got to all of them.

Gallery View

The 37th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition was held at the HCC Ybor  Gallery, closing on May 4th. The Gallery is coordinated by Carolyn Kossar, and you can check to see what's on exhibit here: [Link].

Peter Spoto, "La Femme Urbaine"

On the left, Peter Spoto's "La Femme Urbaine" is a digital photograph of a young woman's face with graffiti over it. The effect is greater than the sum of its parts. The woman's direct, unflinching look combined with the street art go beyond a mere portrait into something tribal-looking and symbolic of what it means to be young and urban today. 

Austin England, "Within Dreams" left section

 Austin England's "Within Dreams" is a mixed media work that is daring in the way it uses a corner space, mixture of control and flow, and its coherent mythology.

"Within Dreams", 2nd view, middle section.

"Within Dreams", right section.

Cor Fehringer "Wolves, Bears, Cubs, Otters. Oh My!"

  Cor Fehringer's human figures wearing animal masks, complete with what appear to be some X-ray painting of inner structures harken back to cave paintings recontextualized into present-day identity/persona issues.

Susan O'Hara, "Emerging".

On the left is Susan O'Hara's "Emerging", a small alabaster sculpture of unusual simplicity and formal, Modernist-looking elegance.  I suspect the title has something to do with the artist herself.

End, Part I: HCC Ybor.

--- Luis

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