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Patricia Preston Warren @ St Pete History Museum

  Patricia Preston Warren's father was distinguished photographer Bob Preston, who worked for The Independent and the St Petersburg Times. There's a picture of Patricia as a baby behind a Speed Graphic, complete with its flash bulb holder and parabolic reflector taken by her father up on her site [Link]. It was a portent of things to come.

   Ms. Preston Warren shared a posthumous exhibit of her father's work with her own at Studio@620 titled "Bob Preston: A Life in Photographs, with "Patricia Preston: Warren: I Am My Father's Daughter" on July 2010, just before AT was launched.

The exhibit and viewers at the History Museum

 Patricia also recently (April) curated and was in the Rockin' the Arts show at Rob Davidson Fine Arts, which was reviewed here [Link].

Patricia Preston Warren, "Tramor Cafeteria"

[Apologies for the reflections and other problems with the illustrations. I'm trying to obtain files from the printer to replace them soon.]

Patricia Preston Warren, "Windows on an Alley"
Patricia was a stringer and illustrator for a newspaper, worked as a set designer, authored coloring books, taught children (we'll come back to this) and more. She is a photographer with a wide-ranging, insatiable curiosity.

 On the left is "The Busch Lounge", a night photograph of a small bar, more of the signs than the bar itself. The photographer's sense of color and tiled composition stand out.

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On the right is "Dead Trees and a Live Bird", a moody black-and-white taken near Lake  Suzanne, by Chalet Suzanne. The range of the work is varied and broad.

There's a lot of American Icons in the work. Some are quiet, others nearly abstract . Patricia is visually interested in older cars, more accurately the narrative of older cars. One also sees a lot of signs and the influence of Walker Evans, perhaps. I have left out a lot here. There are macros, pictures that look just like features out of a newspaper, and much more.

And there's another show connected with this one. Remember I mentioned Patricia teaches? She mentored a group of young students who share the exhibition space with her.

On the right is an example of one of the students' work.

Both of these shows can be seen at the St Petersburg History Museum [Link]. 335 2nd Ave. NE, St Petersburg. Check link for hours. Be sure to catch these exhibits, they will be will be up through June.

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