Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the Waterfront @ The Artpocalypse: ArtOn Central's Live Paint

It was supposed to be the beginning of the end. Make that The End. It was also a perfect day for it, a sunny, hot day, the Taste of Pinellas just a few blocks away. All the elements were gathered: Wind, Earth, Water... and the artists brought Fire.

  Dozens of artists gathered, many working under tents or trees on the lawn around the History Museum.  I walked around, soon finding myself in a heat-daze, floating from one artist to the next, seeing a lot of smiling familiar faces, and meeting new ones.

Karan Porter, from St. Pete was painting this picture of a circus elephant. She has many works on this theme, including cards of elephants from different nations. To see more of her work, see here [Link] . She can be contacted at and 727.481.6612.

 Herbert Davis took time to pose for me while drawing a classic car. He can be reached at:

AT readers are familiar with Sarah Thee Campagna's work. In the foreground is a new one, of a rocket (made, in part, from an old ambulance light!) with small robots fawning over it, doing as much worshipping as maintenance. Sarah infuses her robots with character and humanity.
More work can be seen here [Link] and here [Link].

Dr. Twistid, of Realm of Madness fame, seen here with one of his works. Lots of ersatz horror, with sci-fi and post-industrial overtones, gobs of noir, all with a great sense of humor and humanism, just like their maker. See more of Dr. Twistid here [Link]

Calan Ree and some of her elaborate finger puppets. She also makes outstanding cards (which I have bought several of, and they've all been hits), jewelry, and larger sculptural figures, all with her own distinct  signature style. One can see some cinematic, graphic novel/comic and Dia de los Muertos influences running through her work.
See more here [Link], here [Link] and [Link].

Carl Quint is an artist living in one of the boats in the marina across from the History Museum. He is surrounded by his art, an eclectic mix of several subjects from nature and figures, all dripping with character. He can be reached at 36 17th St. N., St. Petersburg, 33701.

Christine Galas painting one of her abstract, curly, almost paisley-like abstract paintings. The link she gave me doesn't work, but I Googled the name and found this: [Link]. Christine, please feel free to send me an alternate link thorugh the comments section and I will insert it here.

Painter Stuart Andrews (AKA "Stu the Painter") caught in the ecstasies of his art. He was painting a 50's style pin up girl under the shade of a tree. Stu has a graphic, yet realistic, Post-Pop style with a touch of American Regionalism. Casual, intimate and immediate, with slightly amplified/stylized gestures and large blocks of color.[Link], [Link].

Josh Sullivan in front of a work in progress, combining found photographs and painting. He churns out many zines, drawings, and endless characters in angst-inducing, humorous and familiar absurd situations, projections of our real lives. The characters that populate his comics are frustrated, but their spirits are indomitable, no matter what the Dystopia deals out to them, or they are dystopiary. Josh's paintings are more graphic, influenced by movies and his comics.
 [Link], [Link]

 Agnes Black in front of a work-in-progress of a fragmented, somewhat abstracted yet recognizable American Flag. The work is very graphic, spirited, and perhaps informed by street art. [Link] or email her at:

This is Lulu G. and one of her Rabbit Hat series. The paintings are imbued with a sense of mystery and anticipation that is wonderful. She can be contacted at:
or 727.768.6220

Jindra Noewi holding up one of her paintings of a female dominatrix figure in a red bustier holding a whip at the ready.  All very sensuous, with great attention paid to intimate body language and the surface of skin. She also does other themes, including animals (pets) and has painted many beautiful murals.  [Link], [Link]

Congratulations to ArtOn Central for putting this show on, to the History Museum for hosting it on their grounds, and most of all to the many creative souls who nourish us.

--- Luis


  1. Thanks for the nice write-up! This was a very groovy, grassroots event.

  2. HI! wonderful article as always--thanks for covering the St. Pete Art Scene! Just FYI the event was held at the museum but Jennifer Holt of Art On! Central was the primary organizer...she and Zach Rogers are big art community supporters so I wanted to give them a shout out... thank you!