Monday, January 28, 2013

Bodo Art Gallery Opening February 1st.


The Bodo Art Gallery, at 2311 Central (across from Taco Bus and next door to Artissin), will have its official opening Friday, February 1 with a reception/party from 7 to 9 pm.   The gallery space is a white cube, 20 by 80 feet, with 16 foot ceilings—enough room for an inspired collection of giclees, original art, origami, and an assortment of healing and nurturing lotions, oils, and essences.  One half of the wall space is dedicated to original art, while the other half is comprised of giclees, posters, and other reproductions. 
Oanh Do, a native of Vietnam but a longtime resident of St Petersburg, is a multi-talented conceptual artist specializing in origami, flower arrangement, and party planning.  Because of her longtime residence in St Petersburg, she has contacts with dozens of local artists and hopes to have their works displayed as much as possible.
The giclee art features large, mainly abstract works from Leftbank Art, the premier progressive producer of fine giclee reproductions in the United States.   Bob  Regli was the principal art buyer for Treehouse Gallery in St Petersburg , and was fortunate to study art history in Florence, Italy.  “I’ve been visiting the art dealers’ galleries in High Point (North Carolina) and Atlanta for the past eleven years, where I bought a lot of Tuscan landscapes and other works that seemed to go with the rustic furniture.  This gives me a chance to bring in works that are more edgy and abstract, and of course beautiful.  It’s hard to really categorize them, except that they are pictures I like.  And Leftbank Art does amazing work with their selection of artists and the gel finishes that they have developed.  Seeing this industry evolve over the past decade has been eye opening.”
Bodo Gallery hopes to offer other services after the gallery closes for the day, including healing arts such as massage, spiritual readings, and classes, and to produce shows for local artists, great parties, and special events.  .
 For further information, email the Gallery at, send a message on the Bodo Gallery Facebook page,  or call Bob Regli at 727 272 7369.

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