Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Warehouse Art District Evening, 12/15/2012, Part III, Venture Compound

For its 1st Birthday, the Venture Compound (VC) had a block party that was shared on the same evening with the Black Valley Coalition and Zen Glass. This is the third part in this series, the Venture Compound. This venue is a DIY grass-roots effort headed by Jesse Vance and a cadre of dedicated volunteers. It has evolved constantly throughout the year, incorporating improvements that have made the experience better at every turn and experimenting to see what works. The art gallery, run by Brad Kokay is coming along. One thing that hasn't changed is the level of passion and commitment. Here are a few pictures from the VC's 1st birthday...

The VC hosted a Ramblin' Rose Indie Market in its patio and surroundings, with lots of vendors.

In the art gallery, it was the closing reception for Jovan Bato Ijacik's (on the right) show. He was very kind for taking time to talk with a young budding artist friend of mine.

For more of Bato...[Link]

On the left is a work-in-progress by Bato, a portrait of Marylin Monroe in bubble gum.

Whitey Alabastard

As always, there was music at the VC that evening. I stayed for a couple of groups. Here was the unexpectedly delightful Mr. & Mrs. Smith, who played a great set of Irish songs.


Infinite Third did a floating world type of song, intensely meditative, taking the listener through a range of carefully modulated emotional levels.

Congratulations to everyone at the Venture Compound for a banner year and a great party to celebrate it.

--- Luis

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