Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rob Davidson Fine Arts Mural by Christian Thomas.

Work by Christian Thomas

On Dec. 12th, a second party was held at Artful Living for the finishing of the mural along the back wall facing Central Ave. Christian Thomas, one of St. Petersburg's best and most prolific muralists, spray-painted this wall over a few weeks. On the left we see the mural around the 2nd week of November when the first party happened. A few pictures from the first party below...

Jun Bustamante and STOIC

 Below, pictures from the Dec. 12th wrap up...look at the difference between this pic on the left and the first one in this article. That's Christian Thomas painting in the upper left.

Here are two details from the mural...Note the colors. It is unusual to see this much white in street art. The colors and some of the symbology here bear resemblances to Inuit Totemic art.

Congratulations to Christian Thomas on another stand-out mural, and to Artful Living/Rob Davidson Fine Art/Art Supply for making this possible.

---- Luis

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