Friday, January 4, 2013

The Southern Letterpress

Kaitlin Crockett of Ramblin' Rose Upcycle Boutique on the 600 block of Central brought friends, Bridget Elmer and her husband, who teach at the university level and own and run The Southern Letterpress.

Bridget Elmer, Southern Letterpress

They were parked, with their printed products in the bed of a very cool old pick-up truck. Along with Malcom Johnson we talked during the waning afternoon. They moved here recently and are getting settled and their studio space together.

They had on display various innovative and beautifully designed and printed items.

Bridget Elmer and Southern Letterpress goods.

The Elmers

It was a pleasure to meet the Elmers and Southern Letterpress. I want to extend to them a warm welcome to the St. Petersburg Creative Community. We've been waiting for them.

--- Luis

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  1. Thank you, Luis! We're thrilled to be here in St Pete, and we're so grateful for your kind welcome. -Bridget & Lyman