Monday, January 7, 2013

Art Taco 2012 Person Of The Year

I am happy to announce that Art Taco's 2012 Arts Person of the Year is Jennifer Kosharek. She is an artist and gallerist, owner of Eve N Odd gallery in the Crislip Arcade on the 600 block of Central Ave. in St. Pete. In a small space she has devoted two walls to her own work and that of others she carries, and one wall to monthly shows. First-rate monthly shows, with national and international works from a variety of artists & media, mostly small and flat due to space limitations, all with Jennifer's elegant sense of curation. The space has been open for two years and steadily evolving in terms of quality and relevance. Eve N Odd is a model of efficiency and quality that is rare.

Jennifer works hard and constantly with both her art and gallery, struggling between all this -- and raising a family -- successfully. I am not the only one who has noticed. From memory, Eve N Odd was chosen by Creative Loafing as the best small gallery. Vertical Magazine did a feature article on Jennifer, her gallery and art. The City of St. Pete chose her for the Burning Cake Installation at First Night 2012 [Link]. Eve N Odd has gone from a a start to putting on some of the best shows in Saint Petersburg, all in less than two years and with meager resources.

--- Luis
Jennifer Kosharek

Here is a partial list of recent Art Taco Reviews on Eve N Odd/Jennifer Kosharek...
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All this and art. Ms. Kosharek's work has multiple facets: Painting, drawing (her notebooks are extraordinary), knitting, doll-making, and mail art, for which she is well-known. For more on this see the "Conversation: Jennifer Kosharek" post, coming soon.


  1. Congratulations Jennifer, Great job. I looked at and read all the links. Nice writings by Art Taco too.

  2. Great choice! Jennifer rocks!!!

  3. Nice! Congrats Jennifer & Eve N Odd!
    Thanks Luis for focusing attention on the hard and unique work that she is doing!