Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hugo Hallelujah: Hugo Porcaro @ Eve N Odd Gallery

Eve N Odd on opening night.

 Hugo Porcaro has been a working artist in the area since the 1980's. His portrait of the Clintons hangs in the Presidential Library, and other works are in many Bay area collections. Jennifer Kosharek, owner and curator of Eve N Odd Galllery gave Porcaro a one-man show recently.

Here are a few highlights...

Work by Hugo Porcaro

 The work is in the style of folk art, though he is an Eckerd grad. The graphic, cheerfully fluid style combined with the busy, echoing patterns, down to the edge, coupled with the bright colors is distinctly his. Note how the flowers fill the space  and the feminine hands-on-hips gesture of the vase.

Hugo Porcaro, "Frida Kahlo"

On the left is Porcaro's Frida. The face is Picassoesque, she holds a skull to her womb, flowers cradled in her elbow, and a hammer & sickle on her top. A tropical bird perches on her shoulder. Note the painted sub-frames.

Work by Hugo Porcaro

One of his themes are Sci-fi monsters from Japanese movies. Here we see Gamera, a Kaiju who in some of the movies is a Guardian of the Universe, a Nature Spirit bio-engineered in Atlantis to save the human race. Here we see him under attack by humans who misunderstand his mission.

Congratulations to Hugo Porcaro and Jennifer Kosharek/Eve N Odd for a very good show.

--- Luis

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