Tuesday, November 13, 2012

International Society of Acrylic Painters - Florida @ Dazzio Art Experience.

This show was juried by Hugo Fontanela and had no overall theme. As a result, there was a wide variety of art works in the show. Here are a few highlights...

James Oleson, "Reef Kings"

On the left is a mystical painting by James Oleson of two fish with cat faces. This is maybe 30x40", with beautifully modulated color and form.

Kevin Faugl, "It Hurts The Most at Night"

A nightmarish catalogue-like group of expressive (pained) images of body parts by Kevin Faugl.

Stephanie A. Siefken, "Enigma"

"Enigma", by Stephanie A. Siefken is a finely crafted painting of a face among the (banyan?) roots.

Patton Hunter, "Blue Nude"

A classic nude figure with an abstract background by Patton Hunter, "Blue Nude" won a prize.

Congratulations to all the artists from ISAP-Florida and to the Dazzio Art Experience for a fine show.

--- Luis

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