Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Street Art: One in Artissin

Austin David is an entrepeneur who embodies the best qualities of American small business. His aerosol paints are top-quality, priced competitively and made in America. He also supports his customers by providing wall space at Artissin's headquarters at 2313 Central Ave. in St. Pete.

Work by Allen Leper Hampton

Inside Artissin is a large mural by Allen Leper Hampton which goes from the floor to the ceilings which are 14+ ft. high. Austin told me they depict "the bad guys" from a manga-styled game. For its width, it is in a tight space for the wide-angle in the camera I took, so I was not able to get the whole mural in one picture.

Work by Allen Leper Hampton

Here are several to give a good idea of its entirety, which wraps around a wall at 90 degrees on the left side, as seen on the right.

All work by Allen Leper Hampton

Here are some close-ups of the various characters.

Work by Allen Leper Hampton

The execution of the characters is great, but the way the artist created a composition visually collaging all these characters into a formally coherent whole stands out.

Congratulations to Allen Leper Hamilton, Austin David/Artissin for a very good mural.

--- Luis

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