Sunday, November 4, 2012

Street Art: Viva Ybor Mural @ Hoffman Porges

Jill Scott and the General have established themselves in Ybor City in a little over a year. The Hoffman Porges Gallery was their first acquisition. Actually, the gallery and the lot next to it as well, which is an open-air space (a roof-challenged long and narrow storefront space on 7th).

Until now the front of that space was simply painted white. The owers had been seeking a muralist for several months, and decided on Chico for the job. He painted a classic historical mural incorporating some Ybor mythology.

Work by Chico
In the background, the now-USF minarets. Upper right, Vincente Martinez Ybor looks on. Layered before him, an old streetcar, with some interesting details best seen in person through the windows. The logo from the Hav-A-Tampa Cigar company. On the left, the primordial pair of the world-famous Ybor City Rooster and Hen. In the lower left, the tombstone of perhaps the most famous Ybor rooster ever: James E. Rooster.

Congratulations to Chico and the Scotts for a great new addition to the Ybor landscape, and for serving notice on Ybor City that the city can only benefit from more murals.

--- Luis

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