Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Susan Gott: The Zack Street Project

Susan Gott, "Vignettes of Tampa"
Susan Gott, "Vignettes of Tampa"

There's new Art on Zack Street. Susan Gott who owns Phoenix studios, funded through a public commission, made an installation of three tall panels of cast glass pieces that are now up on Zack St, between Tampa St. and Franklin.Looking at these pictures try to envision that they will be surrounded by landscaped local flora.

The general effect is very similar to walking through a church with stained-glass windows. Sunlight illuminates the colorful panels, which tell, through vignettes of cultural signifiers, the history of the city, saying This is who we are.

"Vignettes of Tampa", detail

When you go, park, get out of the car, and take time to examine each of the six sections in each panel. Get close and let the lush, poetic colors and depth that only cast glass has wash over you. On the left is something all of us have seen. It is the Mascotte, Henry Plant's steamer that connected Tampa to points North and South, and is a large part of the Seal of the City and is on manhole covers. Here you will see it as you never have before.

"Vignettes of Tampa", detail

Look to your right at the Minarets of the University of Tampa, then at this panel. This is art that seduces you into pouring yourself into it.

Congratulations to Susan Gott/Phoenix Studios and the City of Tampa for making this work a reality.  Bravo!

[This makes me feel like going before Mayor Bob and the power that are, hat in hand, and asking, "Please, Sir(s) can I have some more?"]


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