Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Saturday November 2012

The weather is making First Saturday Indie Market a real pleasure to attend during this time of the year. November had a good turnout.

On the right is Chris Parks, owner of Pale  Horse, in his booth. The couple in the background are artist/photograher Missy Roll and Allen Leper Hampton.

[If anyone can identify this artist, please email me.]

Elena Sarn is a newcomer to the area from Brooklyn. This is a sample of her art.

Demeree has been reviewed here many times, most recently for a standout painting at a show at Local 662. Here is a beautiful piece of jewelry I spotted at her stand.

Beautiful work from artist Autumn Berlin with a smile to match.

Local legend and indie bookseller John Sub Rosa hard at work...

Congratulations to all the artists and to Rosie Williams for a fine First Saturday Indie Market.

--- Luis

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  1. The unidentified artist is me!
    Just rediscovered your card & thought I'd come look this up