Monday, November 5, 2012

Something Wicked.. @ The Local 662 Part I: The Art Show.

Local 662. Gallery Wall
The Local 662 is a typical Central Avenue bar, long and narrow, with high ceilings and a stage in the back. For the Something Wicked... show it was converted into a circus midway sideshow by Dollface, which is owned by Joanna Coblentz, a designer, stylist, and event coordinator. She has put on several memorable shows, including a collaborative with an artist at The Collective where her models formed tableaus mimicking the paintings.

DAM, "Sigmanu"

 Something Wicked was themed around Halloween. On the wall in the back left, near the stage was an art show with twenty artists represented. The work varied wildly. On the left is "Sigmanu", by DAM. It looked like beautifully conceived and executed pen-and-ink of a female variation on the Cernunnos theme.  

Demeree, "Conjoined".

Demeree of Demigod Studios had a mixed media work titled "Conjoined" (on left). Under the all-seeing Eye of Ra, a striped circus-like tent which almost houses two gender un-specific spiritual figures. Their heads touch, at which point there is energy visible in the form of a white spot. Between the two, they hold and behold one heart. Note how they each stand on one foot, the other pulled up, legs touching at the knee. All around them and the tent, a purply blue field alight with stars. Look at the negative space between the figures. It forms a kind of Cup or Chalice.  This is a mysterious, beautiful and strong work.

Phelps, "Zombie Obama Horde"

Just in time for the elections this "Zombie Obama Horde" of large and small versions of the President by Phelps was shown. See the small rectangles below? They're smaller versions of the painting. I imagine this is how some groups envision the President.

A sword-swallower whose sword leaves the edges of the frame. "Space Cowboy" a collaboration by Derek Donnelly and Jimmy Corbitt combines the two and three dimensional.

Work by Christian Thomas

Although not part of the art show, there were several circus-style posters created just for this show by renowned muralist Christian Thomas.

Congratulations to all the artists and to the Local 662 for a very different show.

--- Luis 

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