Friday, January 18, 2013

FIrst Saturday Indie Market, January, 2013

Some images from the First Sarurday Indie Market on the 600 block of Central Ave, St. Pete.

In the Crislip Arcade...

Victoria Ahrendt's Vision 47 Gallery may be relocating to the Warehouse Arts District soon.

Stopped by Dysfunctional Grace, talked with Liz, and saw this piece from Daniel, a steampunk/taxidermy fusion, literally and figuratively. A rather fat snake with two heads, like lenses on a turret on an old film cine camera.

                                           A heart of razor blades, from Frank Strunk III

                                      Smaller skulls and a hand grenade by Frank Strunk III

                                      Local legend, bookseller, and child prodigy John Rosa.

Scott King and his art


Questionable characters

Work by Autumn Berlin and friend

The artists wearing their jewelry.

People at the market

Congratulations to all the participants and founder Rosie Williams.

--- Luis

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