Monday, January 21, 2013

Seen/Scene: Zine Fest @ Venture Compound

Professor, poet, Free Skooler, Cole Bellamy

The Venture Compound and Free Skool hosted the St. Pete Zine Fest on Dec. 12th. There was an overwhelming amount of material and people to attempt a review, so here are some photographs...

Cole Bellamy's Zine

Hunter Payne
Hunter Payne's "New York Public Library" nomadic zine tent installation was one of a kind at the Fest, as is his portrait on the right.

Kelly Steele, Zine Fest Organizer

Malcom Johnson

Coralette Damme and her "Things that Stink" zine.

Coralette Zines & work.

Mitzi Gordon's fabulous Blue Bird Book Bus was at the VC, packed with zines. Rolling culture.

Josh Sullivan and his Zines. 52 Friends is his latest

Congratulations to all the participants, organizers, the volunteers of Team Venture, Jesse Vance, Cole Bellamy and particularly Fest sponsor St. Pete Community Acupuncture. They are a cool acupuncture place with flexible (humane) pricing and great service. A non-consumptive health care model. Check them out at 727-823-1700 and here [Link]. Support those who support the Arts.

---- Luis

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