Sunday, January 20, 2013

Memes 4 Lulz @ Eve N Odd Gallery

"For the Lulz"  is a popular web-derived catchphrase used to express that one carried out a specific action for the sake of personal comic enjoyment. Often this can involve offensive (or worse) content. This is a tiny show, even for a small gallery.

This is the show, and it requires the viewer to walk up close and personal to take in the art, which is one of the pleasures of a small, intimate gallery.

There are Fluxus and mail art pieces in this show. Many, but not all, are in a graphic style.

Work by Seth Tobocman

Naked mole rats don't get cancer, but they are nasty-looking. The picture used here (is that a rat octomom-to-be?) was certainly intended to be offensive. If they were only bigger, what great guard critters they would make.

That evening, Artpool was having one of their big parties and a fashion show. Gallery owner Jennifer Kosharek and her daughter Lulu modeled clothes from Eugenia Woods. They looked so beautiful.

Jennifer and Lulu
 Congratulations to all the artists and Jennifer Kosharek for a show, that is a little thin on quantity, but good and well worth seeing in detail.

--- Luis

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