Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jim Corp Macro/Micro at Five Deuces

Five Deuces is an arts complex created from rehabbed factory/warehouse spaces at 222 22nd Street across from Softwater and MGA studios. There are two buildings in use, and another that I did not enter. The artists look happy in there, and the atmosphere reminds me of Salt Creek. In one of them is a gallery where the Macro/Micro show of paintings by Jim Corp is on display.

Jim Corp and his work.

Jim Corp had a formal art education and sees his work in the tradition of abstract expressionism. He mentioned Mexican Muralist Rufino Tamayo and Paul Klee as influences.. In this show there is a variety of work shown. The main part consists of botanical/floral close-ups scaled large (4x5 ft?). They are in pungent colors, few in number and relatively graphic. Think of an organic color field painting. There are also Rothko influenced works in the show. I can't help but think that Jim's pallete was also influenced by is extended stays in other countries and cultures. There are also prints in the show. Jim is a master printer as well. I looked at some recently printed work, and it is beautifully designed and executed.

If you go to see this show, make sure you go into his studio, which is adjacent to the gallery.

Jim Corp's show, Macro/Micro will be up at least through April 12th.

--- Luis
All work by Jim Corp

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