Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sue Woodall's "Surface Works" @ Strands of Sunshine this Saturday, 1/9/2016

Strands of Sunshine welcomes local artist Sue Woodall-Metas for 'Surface Works', a collection of encaustic wax paintings. 

Strands of Sunshine welcomes local artist Sue Woodall-Metas for January's Second Saturday ArtWalk, featuring a collection of the artist's encaustic wax paintings in a show entitled 'Surface Works'. A variety of sizes and price points will be available to view and purchase, and Sue will be on hand during the show to meet visitors and discuss her craft.  

Each piece begins using heat to create a thick, translucent layer of beeswax to a paint-primed panel and then continuing to fuse multiple layers of wax and color. She then scrapes away some areas to smoothen and cause nuances, marks and enhancements that expose emerging textures. The scraping back is sometimes what creates the most desired affect. Sue sometimes adds collage and oil paint to create a desired affect. The work is done quickly, intuitively allowing the layering to go where it wants to go. A piece may start in one path and quickly change direction, somewhat like how life and events change quickly. Woodall-Metas is a graduate of Philadelphia Moore College of Art & Design. 

Surface Works will remain on display through Thursday, February 11th.

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