Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clay Pride Show @ Craftsman House

Craftsman House

 Craftsman House, the clay gallery/store/cafe at 2955 Central Avenue, is having a "Clay Pride" show, featuring nine artists "who have embraced the clay lifestyle". This show is being coordinated with the Gay Pride festival and parade. The nine artists are around a display at the core of the main front room of the gallery, and they're surrounded by many others.

This flat ceramic wall-hanging is of two koi-like fish swimming in a ying-yang pattern, with the lily pads completing the composition.

On the left, a six-piece series of asymmetrical, lightweight, nestled bowls in a sage palette made by Marge Margulies. The undulating forms are reminiscent of water or ripples in a pond after a stone is thrown in. On the right, another of these series of bowls in truly delicate colors.

Tumblers and mugs by Neil Patterson, who is a prolific potter from around the Philadelphia area. These are colorful, very clean, inviting designs.

 On the right is a picture of several works with pastel leaves as a central theme by Glenda Jordan. She has thirty years' experience in ceramics and works out of Berkeley, at an srtits' co-op, and in North Nevada. On the left is a shallow bowl that is gorgeous.

 These two (chip & dip) bowls are extraordinary. I don't know who the artist is (if someone can supply a name, I'll insert it here ASAP), but the combination of the deep, lightly textured blacks and the translucent, glowing lemon centers is strong.

Suzanne Crane's stoneware is richly textured, often by pressing real leaves, etc, directly into the clay and removing to leave the imprint. But there are many other textures imprinted by hand, specially into the ornate lids, usually a series if chevrons.

Not a part of the Clay Pride Show, but just off to the side is a decorative display along the wall, of leaf hangings, cute animals' heads, and a wave of glass flowers by J. Wesley and wall pockets by Katheryn Krewin.

A visit to Craftsman House is a treat for the spirit and the senses. Plan on coffee and something to eat while there. Jeff and Steff Schorr run a beautiful, multifaceted place. The Clay Pride Show runs through July 11th. 2955 Central Avenue, St. Pete.
--- Luis

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