Friday, June 17, 2011

Cuban Sandwich Show, Part VIII: The Artist's Party

Star Nursery, Courtesy of NASA, oops, Cuban bread.
Normally, I don't write about social events, but I'll make an exception this time. This was a private party for the artists participating in the Cuban Sandwich Show. It was held at the Grown Man Studios last Saturday June 11th on Central , a charming street worth exploring. I had a fascinating evening, talking at length with many people, including Suzanne Williamson's husband, who is writing a text to accompany her upcoming show in October at The Morean Arts Center. She will be showing her series on Indian Mounds. Also spoke with Samantha Churchill, Moira and Jason Shiver, David Audet,  Arthur Bradley, briefly with James Tokley, and with the Orlando contingent of Poetesses Kim Bucheit, Rachel Kapitan (get that book made, you already have one buyer!), and Naomi Butterfield, who recently became a follower of this blog :-). [Let's not forget the Holy Land].  Some pictures from that evening...

You were supposed to bring a covered dish, but after a hurried last minute stop at Sweet Pay, I emerged with the Art Taco liquid version, a 24-pack of Coronas and several limes. When I got there, I was glad I hadn't brought more food. There was a cornucopia for at least 400+ people, including finger-sized Cuban sandwiches, of course. Yellow rice, platanitos, italian dishes, you name it. And a garbage can full of sangria, to boot.

 Tampa Poet Laureate and cultural treasure James Tokley read his "Epic of The Sandwiche Cubano", a paean to this Tampa icon of edible culture. It gets better every time you hear it.The crowd gave him a long and raucous round of applause.

Left to right: Jason Shiver, Moira Shiver and James Tokley.

On the right is a picture of  Poet Laureate (and raconteur par excellence) James Tokley shaking hands with Jason Shiver (of the Ybor Art Colony) and between them the beautiful soul that is Moira Shiver, just after the reading of the "Epic of the Sandwiche Cubano"

There was a good-sized crowd of Tampa Art insiders and many others. I'd say there was probably well over 200 attendees during the evening.  Here they're listening raptly to James Tokley.

People from every aspect of the Tampa Art World mingled and talked into the night in the Grown Man studio spaces, which have enough nooks and crannies to suit all types of conversations.

"It's full of stars!"

On the picture below right, L-to-R is the charming artist Judith Villavisanis (reviewed glowingly here at the Cuban Sandwich show at HCC) with a great sense of humor. She told a great story of dressing Jesus for the PAC when Jesus Christ Superstar came to town! In the middle is The Cuban Sandwich Show's  Master of Ceremonies David Audet, and on the right is Orlando poetess Kim Bucheit.

L. to r., Judith Villavisanis, who is also doing the restoration work at The Columbia Restaurant, and the Orlando Poetesses: Rachel Kapitan, Kim Bucheit, and Naomi Butterfield, who  recently signed on as a follower of this blog. This is a critical mass of poetic& artistic talent, creative energy and beauty pooled in one picture. I almost didn't need the flash! Some day soon I will make the trek to Orlando to hear them read in their home turf. I had a lovely time talking with these ladies and hope to see them again soon.

Last, but not least, I wanted to show the backdrop artwork that Doreen Horn did for this wall at the Grown Man studio's big room. Being a green screen, paint or other media weren't an option, so Doreen used masking tape to to this, and the picture doesn't do it justice, but it's the best I got and gives an idea of how good this was. Doreen Horn is a multi-talented artist and stand-out creative powerhouse in the Bay area. She was last reviewed here in the post on C. Emerson's Lucid Dreams show.

Thanks to David Audet for the invite, and to all the sweet beautiful people I ran into at this party, including Doreen Horn, who was palpably present through her work. It was a memorable, light-hearted evening.

--- Luis

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  1. David Audet certainly draws a great crowd ... so much positive energy and creative minds in one room, it was truly invigorating! And to hear Mr. Tokley's poetic inflections in person, let's just say I'll never find another Cuban Sandwich that tastes that good ...