Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cuban Sandwich Show, Part II: Tampa Pix-Cuban Sandwich @ FMOPA Gallery D

The Tampa Pix Show @ FMOPA's Gallery "D"

Last Friday, June 3rd, was the kick-off for the Cuban Sandwich Show at the opening reception of Tampa Pix - Cuban Sandwich, at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. Curated by David Audet, it includes photographs by Suzanne Williamson, Steve Gregory, Cat Thompson, Suzanne Camp Crosby, Bud Lee/David Audet, Gordon Myhre, Carolyn Kossar, Laszlo Horvath, and others.

The show is in Gallery "D", which also functions as the Museum's Library. Lots of good reading material there, btw. It was an intimate crowd, with several of Tampa's best photographers present.

Suzanne Williamson, "Cuban Sandwich Dreams, La Segunda Bakery, bread and sandwiches"

Suzanne Williamson showed several photographs printed on fabric, and tacked onto coffee sacks. The pictures, in the documentary style, were made at a local bakery. The one on the left has a formal elegance with the receding parallel lines of the table, bread loaf, and overhead vents.

On the right is another picture by Ms. Williamson, this one of the exterior of Papi's Food Market. To see more of her work, [Link].

Suzanne Camp Crosby, "Cafe con Leche, 2010"

[Please forgive the round reflection by the upper right]

Suzanne Camp Crosby's "Cafe con Leche, 2010" is a surreal juxtaposition of a coffee cup in front of a rendition of a coffee cup painted on a window, photographed back into two dimensions, through the medium of film digitally scanned. Plus the 3-d cup is an outsized model. Reminds me of some Magrittes, recontextualized into the present.

 On the right, a picture of Suzanne talking about her work.[Link], [Link], [Link].

 David Audet talking about one of several Gordon Myhre portraits in the show.

Gordon Myhre, "Mykette"

On the left, another Gordon Myhre portrait, titled "Mikette".

David Audet, "To the Victor go the Spoils", a mixed media work consisting of a rat trap, a small Matthew Brady print and more inside a cigar humidor box.

On the right is Carolyn Kossar's "Black-Necked Stilt", a 20x24 inch Polaroid image transfer. She said the picture was motivated by her love of birdwatching. [Link]

 Carolyn Kosar (on the right), talking about her work.

On the right is Laszlo Horvath talking about his surreal digital composites.

The show closed with Tampa Poet Laureate and cultural treasure James E. Tokley reading a remarkable poem about the Cuban Sandwich. It was a paean to the ritual and culture surrounding the theme of this festival. One that says: This is who we are. I had the pleasure of talking with the poet after the reading and swapping a few stories. A perfect ending to a great evening. [Link], [Link], [Link]

Congratulations to all the photographers in the show, to the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts for hosting the show, and to David Audet and the Cuban Sandwich Show crew for putting on a great kick-off.

--- Luis

This show was a one-nighter, here's info on the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts:

200 N. Tampa Street 33602 (Entrance corner of Jackson Street and Ashley Drive)
813.221.2222 Admission is $10.00. Currently they have the Ansel Adams show (which was reviewed here a couple of weeks ago)  up.

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