Monday, June 6, 2011

Street Art: Stenciled

Here's a trio of gas masks found on the side of a warehouse, lined up with extreme care, and sprayed in blue. I have a hunch that it is the same artist that did the stencils in the Alley Gallery post.

Here's a color-corrected close-up of one of those masks to show details in the work.This is a beautifully done stencil.

The same artist put this traffic cone to riff off an existing "No Parking" sign, about fifteen feet from the gas masks. Note the care taken to show volume in the cone and composition.

At another location, and by a different artist, is this. I think of her as The Last Madonna, stenciled, melancholy and filled with longing, she illuminates the dystopia with grace as she clutches her own breasts sensuously. She's been up for several years, luckily in a spot well- shielded from the elements and the eyes of vandals who would paint her over.

She used to be found all over town, but has been painted over through the years almost everywhere else. The artist practiced a little Feng Shui & carefully integrated her with the colors and lines of the wall here.

Sometimes I think we should act like the cavemen of Lascaux, get intoxicated, and carrying lights, ecstatically prowl wildly, casting shadows through the alleys and ruins where these works lie in search of revelations, but it would only hasten their destruction...

--- Luis

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