Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cuban Sandwich Show Part VII: YAA's Ybor Art Series @ Cuban Club

Cuban Club, North si
Friday, June 10th, the Ybor Artits' Association held their Ybor Art Series show at the Cuban Club, a Leo Elliott designed building in Ybor City, one with long ties to everything that makes our community special, including the arts. The Artists and Writer's Ball, WMNF Tropical Heatwave, many concerts, etc. If those walls could only talk.

 On the right is a view of the original maquette of the Cuban Club from the same side.

On the left, a beautiful panoramic format, Floridian  grass with pine stands, landscape by Klaaren. He has painted many city and urbanscapes as well. For more of his work, see here: [Link]

 On the right is a picture of Susan O'Hara and her fine sculptures. I recently reviewed one of her works in the student show at HCC. Inspired by Picasso and others, her work has a strong  Neo-Modernist style, with African and Pacific Islands influences. [Link]

 On the left is "silence", an abstract body form with a yonic opening in its center, and the head at the top turned away. All in a beautiful green stone.

 Doing portraits of men with cigars in their mouths is not easy, but that's just what Photographer Willy Emerson does with Cigar City sitters. it definitely adds a whopping dose of macho and a connection to Tampa history/traditions. [Link]

 On the right is a photo of Anthony Capers, who does portraits, some of celebs (see Liz, Angelina and is that the Beeb? behind him). He also does these fictional portraits, which he calls "Kids Fantasy Art", in which he creates backgrounds for the kids and photoshops them in behind their portrait. Anthony is as passionate about his art as the celebs he paints.


  The singular Samantha Churchill, whose work I recently reviewed here, fittingly posing as a famous Botticelli, surrounded by her aluminum wire sculptures, painted sculptures and paintings. The latter are themed around the Day of the Dead. The wire sculptures look more like three-dimensional drawings. On the right, a closer view of the sculptures. [Link], [Link], [Link]

I keep running into Tatyana Hankinson and her paintings often, and continue to be pleasantly surprised to see new things. This is a dyptich, the left part of which is titled "The Wall, 1935. Fresh Wind" and the right " The Wall, 1917. Revolution". We see graffiti and slogans on the aging wall. Revolution comes and goes, as do governments, but the wall, the house which it is a part of, and the life therein go on.

 A group pic of the artists and YAA & YAC members who put this show on. Congratulations to all.

--- Luis

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