Sunday, June 26, 2011

Street Art: Across the Street.

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This near-life sized Lady sits protected from the elements on a door entryway inset into a building. Her creator wanted her to last and took care where he painted her. There's a spider spinning a web in her head.  Note the little cluster of mushrooms overhead.

Besides her to the right, is a much later addition that has been popping up all over, a political sticker of our new governor Scott suggesting an alternate title. You will be seeing that in detail here soon.

This one lives across the street from the one above, a stencil with the words: "Don't no Buz" and the face over a half-moon. This one is also shielded from the elements.

Less than a block away, I ran into this tiny bit of dystopoetics...

--- Luis

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  1. Love these posts, Luis. Eager to see what other street art you find.