Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cuban Sandwich Show, Part XII: All Art-All Tampa

Cafe Hey

The AllArt-All Tampa show, concert and reception was held n June 18th, at Cafe Hey, a jewel of a hangout on Franklin St. just North of the Interstate. Cafe Hey has carved out a niche for itself in the past few years with great food, drinks and service. Their soups are excellent. As is their Cuban Sandwich, brownies, and everything else I've tried.

Cafe Hey, closer view.

Cafe Hey has regular poetry readings held on Wednesday evenings. They also have a film night (check their website [Link]) and one storefront over, they have an annex, a 2nd intimate space in which they hold concerts. For this show, both were in use. The art and food were in the main space, the music in the smaller annex.

David Audet had a series based on the roosters (and hens) that run wild through the alleys of Ybor, South of Seventh Avenue. This one on the left is titled "Rooster Flying Dice".

On the right is a digital photograph by Laszlo Horvath, titled "Resting Place".

This is one of a series by Dustin Rowland titled "Tampa [Over] Exposed. They were all in small prints, with pastel colors and burned out highlights lending the prints an ethereal look. Another on the right from Dustin Rowland.

On the left is "A Portrait of Ybor", by David Audet. Here, there are two Ybors one that is dour, straitlaced, full of nylon gears and cogs, and below, almost opening like a pocket watch to reveal the time, a secret, lovely, passionate Ybor lies, framed ornately in gold.

A view of the North wall of Cafe Hey showing the works hanging for the All Art-All Tampa show.

View of the counter and S. wall of Cafe Hey on the left, who thoughtfully made a stack of Cuban Sandwiches and two Cakes that looked exactly like giant Cubans for the Show, seen on right.

On the left is "Lemonade", by Steven S. Gregory, a beautiful example of local architecture.

Meanwhile, at the annex, musicians played. This is Jun Bustamante, a musician with a beautiful voice, here doing her sound check.

The sound is jazzy, with latin blood in its veins, all in a voice that is distinctively her own. See videos of Jun performing [Link], [Link], [Link]. Her site is here [Link], Facebook here [Link]. I've been listening to her "Mi Casa Es Su Casa" CD in my car and loving it. Her voice runs through me.

Laszlo Horvath and his electronic violin played beautifully in this intimate space. He is a distinguished photographer who had work in the show as well. His range is broad, playing a wide variety of music in an inspiring manner.

 On the right, a view of showgoers hanging around the sidewalk tables outside Cafe Hey.
 It was a beautiful evening (A note of thanks to  the "Two J's" for making it more so) and another successful Show/Event for the Cuban Sandwich Show. Congratulations to Cafe Hey, David Audet, all the artists, musicians and great people there for a memorable evening.

--- Luis

Café Hey

1540 North Franklin Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602 (map)


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