Friday, June 10, 2011

Cuban Sandwich Show, Part IV: Pressed Art @ Bamboozle Cafe

On Tuesday, June 7th, the walls of the Bamboozle Cafe hosted the Cuban Sandwich Pressed Art show.
 I got there very early. Here are a few highlights...
On the left is Tatyana Igumnova Hankinson's oil painting titled "Palms on Bayshore Boulevard".

On the right is Ms. Hankinson's "Westshore Pizza Downtown". Her style is Impressionistic and very atmospheric, and all local landmarks, except for an aerial view of NYC.

"La France, 1984" is a hand-colored b&w photograph by David Audet, made back in the day. See the graffiti in the backwall? Somewhere I have a picture of it when it was new. The girls from La France  (which one is Jill Wax?) as Lucys...

Steven Gregory has said that he approaches his work more as a painter than photographer. They're real eye candy. Here, in "Back Porch", his strong American Luminist roots are exposed. This was one of several works by him at this show, dazzling in their intensity and chromatic coherence.

On the right is another Gregory work, titled "The Grand Ghost", depicting the partly demolished old GTE (I think?) building glowing at night.

 Elizabeth E. Mitchell's mixed media dye-on-silk "Ybor Cafe" is a strongly graphic work showing the socializing in an Ybor cafe. Beautifully composed  in an unusual way, like a coil.

The graphic work on the right was unlabeled, but it caught my attention.

 Another fine but untagged work that caught my eye...

Also untagged  (remember, I got there early, tags were still being readied) work on the right... but I recognize the surrealist digital collage style as Laszlo Horvath's. Loved the beetle climbing the silos...

 On the left, Carolyn Kossar's "Green Flash", a fiber and gold scultpture of considerable richness and sensuality.

The maker of the tags proudly displayed his work...

 Congratulations to all the artists, the Cuban Sandwich Show crew, David Audet, and the Bamboozle Restaurant for a wonderful show.

The Bamboozle Cafe is a Vietnamese Fusion restaurant located at 516 N. Tampa Street. It's been in operation since 2008, in the capable hands of Lynn Pham, whose passion takes her into every facet of the restaurant, including the kitchen. One of the innovative things the restaurant does is its "Fit Club", where they stage a free fitness class, which culminates in a take-out order from Bamboozle.

For more, see here [Link], & here [Link]. The only thing I've had there so far was the Exotic Sangria, and it was heavenly. My friend, David Audet, who staged the Cuban Sandwich show exhibit there, tells me it's great. I'll be going back to Bamboozle soon.

Bamboozle Café
516 North Tampa Street, Tampa, FL 33602 (map)

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