Friday, June 17, 2011

On The Road with FIND ART @ Pale Horse Graphic Design

Interior, Pale Horse Graphic Studio

 FIND ART Magazine is a beautifully put together small-format (5x7) color real-world, paper magazine. It is the brainchild of Neight Adamson.

Its title is its mission, to find art from emerging artists. Last Friday, June tenth, the FIND ART mobile gallery came to St Pete, to Chris Parks' Pale Horse Graphic Studio. 
   This time Chris kept all his workstations in place, and used the monitors to display slide shows of his work. This gave viewers more to look at and appreciate the space as it is used in every day operation.

 Chris Parks' version of the Last Supper, recently reviewed here, is now available in print form.

Early version
Finished version

 One of the many fascinating displays at Pale Horse was a movie showing the step-by-step evolution of this work from beginning to end. It illustrated the process in great detail. Chris told me he is going to produce a shorter version (many of the steps are repetitive, of course). One of the things learned from watching this is how intricate the work is. Another is what a great graphic artist Chris is.

Parked outside Pale Horse was the FIND ART gallery. Neight's mission is: " build local art communities by bringing local artists, galleries, companies and spectators together into one “Found” space.". And that space is not only on the FIND ART website [Link], but in meatspace, and on wheels. Literally.

On the left is a front view of the FIND ART mobile gallery. Neight has converted this truck into an effective rolling gallery space. One of the sides opens up like a transformer toy into extended floor space. The interior gallery has three walls and one steps into it via stairs in the back gate. The space works amazingly well and has been wisely utilized to exhibit a large amount of work retaining an enjoyable viewing experience.

Rear view, FIND ART Gallery.

On the right is a rear view of the truck/gallery showing how the side panel is extended, practically doubling the floor space and the lighting. That's Neight in the white tee on the right having his picture taken with a friend. The FIND ART gallery/truck in on tour across the united states, presently about half-way on its journey to discover emerging artists, bring their finds to others and art to the communities it visits, establish a sense of community and help others to keep the faith. FIND ART has no large corporate sponsors to pick up the tab. Neight is paying for this out of his own pocket. If you can, go on his site and give a little love in the form of encouragement and a contribution. They are traveling on a shoestring, sleeping on the floor in the truck.

The FIND ART attitude is delightfully egalitarian. The magazine is published in 5x7 size so that readers may buy inexpensive frames, cut out the pictures and surround themselves with small versions of the art.

Here's one of the works shown in the gallery, this one by Chris Marks, titled "Pillars of the Community".

 Work by Jason Limon.

Here's one of the FIND  ART gallery walls, showing the art

Neight Adamson in his gallery.

I had the pleasure of talking with Neight for some time. He's devoted to the arts, not afraid of very hard work, risk-taking, and is on a very big adventure. He's not only bringing FIND ART and found artists directly to people. His gallery/truck is more than that, it is a rolling dream made real unfolding its treasures across the US. Godspeed, Neight, and let us know about your travels.

 --- Luis

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