Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Street Art: Literal, Figurative, and Corporate

Found this stenciled, no longer in use, ATM machine along a main drag with the word "RABID". It belongs to a bank that no longer exists.

This self-incriminating stencil, repeated many times on the sidewalk in downtown Tampa, in front of a certain pink government building is an example of corporate graffiti. I wonder if the police managed to "find" it, who was arrested, just like taggers are, and how much were they fined? Does anyone know?  I wonder when it will be painted over? Not until all the units are sold, probably. Maybe never.

A graffito was perhaps pressure-cleaned off, and took the underlying coat of paint with it, leaving behind this abstraction, a ghost or x-ray graffiti.

Not far from the piece above is a richly painted section of an alley with a strong tribal aspect. Love the color contrast imparted by the rust stains from the gutter drains.

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