Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another Gallery Closes: P. Buckley Moss.

Continuing the trend in large gallery closings, P. Buckley Moss, whose Beach Drive Gallery had been open for eighteen years, has closed. Moss, who is now 70, closed due construction of Parkshore Plaza, a 29 story condo going up.  For some time the main of her sales had been to arts wholesalers in Virginia.

The manager of the Moss Gallery, Timothy Finn, has opened a gallery on 4th St North, carrying the full range of P Buckley Moss art at 1001 4th St. N., a 2,000 sq. ft. store. I have been told that Moss' property sold well.

I have not been by the new gallery yet.

Is there life after Beach Drive? I think there is.

--- Luis

PS. That banks are loosening the loan purse strings on condos can only mean an improved economy could be on its way -- and radical changes in the face and fate of St. Pete. 

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